MARK 6:1-29

Rejection at Nazareth, v1-6, Jesus is projecting himself as a prophet and knows the requirements of a prophet in Deuteronomy 18:15-18. He spoke with authority and as if he had a formal education, but he was just known as a carpenter! John 6:42, 7:15. What did he prophesy? The subject matter of his authoritative teaching was based on the Kingdom of God, Mark 1:15. It will come, Mk. 9:1. Why do you believe Jesus was rejected in his own hometown? So far, rejection is seen in every chapter of Mark.

1:14, John the Immersionist arrested, The forerunning prophet of Christ, rejected!

2:7, 16 & 24 The work & actions of Jesus rejected by scribes & pharisees.

3:6 & 22, The Pharisees & Herodians reject him and plot Christ’s death.

4:1-7, Most hearts/soil reject the word of Christ in the parable of the soils.

5:17 & 40 The people of the Decapolis reject Jesus’s power & Mourners laugh at him.

6:1-3, Locals in Nazareth reject him for who Christ is and what he teaches.

The statement about a prophet having honor, but not amongst his own family/friends is not from the Old Testament, it seems to be uniquely stated by Jesus. However, it is a well founded and broadly experienced fact of daily life. Another phrase that echoes the same truth is “familiarity breeds contempt”, which comes from more English usage than Hebrew. How can someone be so thoroughly rejected in so many ways & ultimately crucified, and yet still to this day be recieved?

There are only two recorded incidents of Jesus experiencing amazement, v6. The other incident is recorded in Matthew 8:8-10. What is the subject matter of both incidents?

The Pre-emptive Strikes of The First Disciples, v7-13, 

What can you do, when you’re given power over unclean spirits, one coat, a staff & sandals as well as a heart driven message of repentance with one other partner? You can heal sick people and free people possessed by demons. God loves these people and he was giving his apostles real successful on-the-job training. The Devil’s demons were dismayed! Since Jesus instructs the “dust shaking of feet”, we know he approves of us making people’s rejection of the truth a real task. No Christian should remain silent when we know people understand the truth, and openly reject it. When the truth is perverted and/or openly rejected, we must express the Lord’s disapproval of the sin. The ability to try and love a sinner while hating the sin, is expressed clearly in Jude v22-23. But never should we ever give people the impression that our love for the sinner is in any way approval of their sin. Repentance is for ALL, see Acts 17:30.

The Martyrdom of John the Immersionist, v14-29, What could you do that would make someone hate you more than “half of a kingdom”? John the Immersionist repeatedly pronounced the marriage of Herod and his brother’s wife as not “EXESTI”, legal, v18. This Greek word is translated “not permitted, allowed or legal”, elsewhere in the New Testament, Jn. 5:10, Jn. 18:31, 1st Cor. 6:12 & 10:23, 2nd Cor. 12:4, Ac. 2:29, 8:37, 16:21. So it’s force is to make something possible or impossible. It is not an exclusive legal term, therefore John the immersionist didn’t really care what Herod’s law was or Moses’ law was, but was primarily concerned with what God’s law is. Today, we have the same task of declaring what is right or wrong in the context of marriage. Civil laws may change, but God’s law remains the same. There is only one reason for allowing divorce & re-marriage and that is sexual immorality (PORNIAH) Mat. 19:9. There is only one reason for marriage, a man’s love and a woman’s love can be sanctified in holy matrimony, uniting them in God’s love. This makes polygamy and any kind of sexual union by homosexual’s EXESTI

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