“Whatever it’s glorious truths, the Bible looms as an intimidating, hard-to-understand book full of esoteric names and mystifying practices” – (G. Gallup Jr., “The Next American Spirituality”). There are five words quick becoming the mantra of the new millennium: “I’m into spirituality, not religion”… More and more people are viewing the Bible as more about feeling good and not being good, more about stress reduction than salvation, more therapeutic than theological, it’s as much about the body as it is the soul. What should a Christian’s reaction be?

“The Bible is outdated, mistranslated and not essential for learning the truth”. Many agnostics are of this view. What should a Christian’s reaction be?

“You can trust the Bible, but not it’s interpretation”. This false view is sometimes found in the Church and abounds in the denominations. What should our reaction be?

Our view of the Bible directly affects how we use the Bible. Charles Spurgeon said, “How do you defend the Bible? The way you defend a lion, open up the cage and let it out!” Remember there are two lions in the world, the lion of the tribe of Judah (Gen.49:9-10 & Rv. 5:5) and the roaring lion (1Pt.5:8) Peter mentions seeking to devour anyone of us. In the Bible, the spirit of Judah’s lion wants to exercise His power and word on your heart and the hearts of others you talk to.

The best view of the Bible is found in Hebrews 4:12. The writer claims that the Bible is alive and active. What is your view and reaction towards others? Perhaps the most interesting truth about this activity and power the Bible has, is that it’s not going to push itself into our heart. The Holy Spirit of Christ simply opens hearts when they are submitted to Him, that is what the message of the gospel does. The question is, can we submit our heart to His word? Do we ask for more faith in His promises?

Our reaction to differing viewpoints about the Bible, really ought to be a prayerful reaction. Like the apostle Paul said, my prayer and heart’s desire is for others to be saved. (Romans 10:1) Can you ask God to help your friends to submit the desires of their hearts to their Creator, Father and Lord? Of course you can. The best view is a prayerful view.