What Do We Believe?

73 years ago, Mr. Orson Welles sent thousands of Americans on a panic attack with a story on the radio. “War of the Worlds” was narrated by Orson from a book written by H.G. Wells. The story is still popular, a movie was made with Tom Cruise in it a few years ago and I enjoy the DVD. Stories have a lot of power on us. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, stories can teach & influence us for a lifetime. The re-telling of a story, like Orson did, had a big impact on the public. He became famous for the national incident, scaring people into thinking we were being attacked by aliens from outer space. Have you ever told a story? The truth is this. Your life is telling a story to someone right now, maybe many people, or just one person is listening. Even if you feel lonely and like no one is paying any attention, God knows your story. He loves you and will never ignore you, prayer is important. Orson was once asked about his faith, and he said, “I try to be a Christian, but I don’t pray because I don’t want to bore God”. That is an amazing quote from such a good story teller. Sadly, Orson never learned how much God wanted to listen to him, the devil tricked Orson into thinking his life story was only interesting to humans. Don’t let the devil trick you, God says, “Never Stop Praying…for this is God’s will for you”. God says that your angel can see His face. Do you believe His story? Read Matthew 18:10 & 1st Thessalonians 5:17-18.

As Unique As You Are

Recently, the Pentagon launched a nimble new satellite called the ORS-1 that will enable commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq to track enemy combatants more effectively than ever before. They can run, but they can not hide forever. In this age of incredible technology, news like this is often met with a yawn. So when we read that Jesus saw Nathanael under a fig tree from afar, it seems rather ordinary, considering we watch people from outer space almost routinely. But there was something very special in the statement Jesus made. “Because I said to you, “I saw you under the fig tree”, do you believe? You will see greater things than these” (John 1:50) People have long speculated about what it was exactly, but only Nathanael knows for sure. Whatever it was, it convinced Nathanael that Jesus was Lord & King. God often works this way. He may reveal Himself in a way no one else notices…but to you it is clear. “Here I am,” He says. “I know who you are. I love you. I have great things to show you.” Today, look for God’s message to you in the ordinary things, and pray that others in your neighborhood and Nation will recognize Him and say, like Nathanael, “You are the Son of God.” The Bible may look ordinary to you, but it’s message is unique, just as unique as you are.

This world we live in for now is a tricky place. Temptations and trials lurk around almost every corner of this journey. Sometimes it is hard to tell if even our best friend is our “bestie” or a “beastie”, as the kids say in school. Your temptation is yours, not mine, your weakness is different than mine. The uniqueness of the Bible holds a solution and power that fits you. When trying to decide who we should give our time and allegiance to, we must keep in mind what James the brother of the Lord Jesus said, “friendship with the world is hostility toward God…whoever wants to be the world’s friend becomes God’s enemy” (James 4:4). Worldly people will always be less gracious than godly people. Why? Because “God gives greater grace” (v6), and worldly people don’t befriend God in Jesus Christ. It is Jesus that brought the greatest amount of grace and truth into this world. Don’t misunderstand me, I know worldly people can be gracious, but they don’t have access to the source of grace. They run out and eventually become selfish. The opposite of grace is selfishness, and the farther we as Christians get away from Jesus Christ, the more we find selfishness growing in us! That is why James always advises us to never make friends with the world. Christians are indeed victorious in Christ, but we are vulnerable in the world. “Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus” (2nd Timothy 2:1). Pray about The Bible’s message and read it, then learn how God’s grace is shown to you in everyday life. Praise God for His work on us.