Mark 5:21-43

The last time Mark records Jesus healing anyone from or in a Synagogue, (Mk. 3:1-6) was the man with a lame hand, and there are scant signs that he had any faith in Jesus as God to heal. It was an incident of Jesus proclaiming his power, teaching his critics to see how wrong they were abusing the law and leaving people with needs unattended.

The Faith of the Fearful Father

After Jesus had calmed a storm, a tempestuous lake and raging demon possessed men, now he calms a Father pressing urgently for help as his daughter lay at home dying. Just because we are faithful or friends of God’s children does not mean we do not become distressed with disasters which God allows us to use to help deliver those hurting which we love, Acts. 28:7-9.

~ His faith had led him to hunt Jesus down while traveling from town to town.

~ His faith had led him to fall at the feet of Jesus, showing submission to The Teacher.,

~ His faith had led him to ask Jesus to come to his house and lay his hands on his daughter.

How do you use your faith, when you are fearful and/or distressed?

The Faith of the Hemorrhaging Woman

While Jesus was traveling to try and help one person, he took time to learn who else needed his strength to heal people, his work was constant, he never worried about distractions. This story should teach us that our faith should be something that can be perceived, even when never openly proclaimed, Acts 14:8-10.

~ Her faith had led her to publicly hunt Jesus down when she was poverty-stricken and sick.

~ Her faith had led her to tell herself that if she could touch his clothes she would be healed.

~ Her faith had led her to fall down before him and tell him the whole truth.

How do you use your faith, when you are hurting and/or desperate?

In verse 28, the word “healed”, in the Greek is actually the same word for ‘saved’, so it seems Mark may be trying to motivate the reader to desire touching Jesus through this story and be saved. If we could see ourselves as desperate as this woman who had no hope but Jesus, we too, would be drawn to search for Jesus and hear his life-giving words, “your faith has made you well”. Are you spiritually healthy or spiritually sick? Sin sick souls are sentenced to suffer with Satan! Do we have Jesus Christ and his life-giving Spirit anointing us with healing?

In verse 38-40, there is no gentle Jesus, meek & mild, but rather a forceful and determined Christ taking action against the chaotic, noisy and distressed crowd, to clear the area with calm so the parents, upset by the girl’s death, could focus on attending to their daughter’s needs. Only in v41 does Jesus change in attitude to gently administer God’s power into a corpse for life renewed.

In verse 43, the stern warning of silence from Jesus is his way of trying to get the people to help him with the issue of timing his ministry to publicly draw attention to his suffering, not his powerful authority. His suffering would draw everyone to him for the life, strength and wisdom we need. The best reason for commanding silence for now is stated in John 5:41. Who does Christ really want us to honor?

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