Philippians 1:3-11

v3, Expressing heartfelt thankfulness to God, keeps us out of the center of our own attention and puts God where He should be in our heart. It is imperative to see that Paul only has God and other people in his heart and no possessions, or abilities or even his own self, v7.

v4, Paul encourages us all to share God’s love with all Christians, Eph. 1:15-16. Paul’s word for “joy” (chara) is akin to charis – grace in the Greek language. Do we really appreciate how good God is to sinners?

v5, The Philippian Christians shared God’s grace with Paul, from the beginning of their relationship in Christ, till the present time of writing this letter from prison. 1st Jn. 1:3, relates the fellowship apostles had with Jesus, and their desire to share that with us!

v6, being confident of this very thing, that He which began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Confidence brings eternal rewards, See Hebrews 10:35.

v7, How can being incarcerated for Christ be felt as ‘grace’?.

1st Peter 4:13. We may only understand this, by faith in Christ suffering with us. See Romans 6:17 where Paul places our heart at the center of obedience to God. If they had Paul in their heart, then they would have felt his pain. Never forget Hebrews 13:3.

v8, God not only sees our efforts, He is in our effort! See Romans 1:9, 1stThessalonians 2:5 & Acts 5:32.

v9, What are two gifts from God, which help our love grow? The knowledge of Christ we get from the Bible, and the discernment/wisdom we get from trying to prayerfully live out Christ’s knowledge in our daily life. This is a gift!

v10-11, Who gets praise and glory for our sincerity and righteousness? Only Jesus Christ.