God’s Purpose for The Church

To make a public display of God’s wisdom, Eph. 3:10. The early church first demonstrated this by the power of God’s Spirit, recorded in Acts 2:42. There are four ways they did it, and we can emulate the same powerful purposes of God. Firstly, the “Apostle’s Teaching”, encompasses preaching and teaching from Christ’s Spirit. The Apostles wrote out the mind of Christ, and we have it with clarity in the New Testament. God’s purpose in the Apostle’s Teaching is to fill every listener with the grace and knowledge of Christ’s mind (1st Cor. 2:16). Secondly, the “Fellowship” Christians have is precious and maintains the unity God gave us in His Spirit. This should be a practical demonstration of the love of God (Jn. 13:34-35). Without genuine godly fellowship between Christians, God’s purpose in sharing His love is not met. We are obligated by His love that is poured out into our hearts, to share Him. Romans 5:5. The church in Thessalonica was told that life as a Christian essentially involves comforting and encouraging eachother, 1st Ths. 5:9-11. Thirdly, the purpose of God in the church is to proclaim the Lord’s Death until He comes. We do this by sharing the Lord’s Supper. God fulfills His purpose of sanctifying our hearts in His love by giving us a place to remember what Jesus did and promises to do for us. The Communion of unleavened bread and the cup is a public proclamation of the price Jesus paid for you and me. (1st Cor. 11:26). God’s purpose in it, is to empower us to love Him for what he has done for us on the cross for our sins. Releasing us from the consequences of our sin. Fourthly, the purpose of the church is prayer. Prayer is a tool God gave us, so that we can be interceding for the world, 1st Tim. 2:1-2. We are to be devoted to prayer, Col. 4:2 and we are to never stop praying, 1st Ths. 5:17-18. Jesus and His Spirit is our mediator to the Father’s Throne of Grace, but the world lost in sin, can not approach His holiness and enjoy the benefits of direct communication with Him. But God’s purpose in the church (Christians) is to help the world come before God with their needs and anxieties for help. Why? Because He cares for us and them, Jn. 3:16 & 1st Peter 5:7.

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