God is Good !

When Jesus made the comparison of Christians to Sheep, he was not trying to insult us, He realizes that no one escapes the fact that in this life, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Regardless of where that phrase comes from, we all feel it from time to time. For a Christian, that “other side” is always farther away from Jesus the great and chief Shepherd of our soul. God is good, in that he lets suffering like a sheepdog chase us back into His loving presence. Jesus put it this way, “My sheep hear my voice” (Jn. 10:27). The problem we sheep have, is that we get so caught up with wandering after greener grass, we fall out of range for the Savior’s voice.  We should be thankful that He lets suffering enter our life as a test to see if we will believe He is faithful to forgive us. Do we look at the suffering as a sheepdog and try to run away in disbelief, or do we humbly submit and get closer to the Shepherd? If we don’t try to get closer, remember the wolves are out there. Sheep are no match for the evil of Satan, when you consider the goodness of God.

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