True Holiness

The notion many people have of holiness, seems to be a pious purity that everyone finds illusive.  Many people think you touch it on Sundays and can’t seem to see it again through the week, till Sunday comes around again. But that is not true holiness. There is a good example of true holiness in the life of Daniel. We see firstly, that Daniel, “purposed in his heart not to defile himself” (Dan.1:8). That is the best purpose anyone could put in their heart. Daniel refused to indulge in the King’s fancy food and wine.  Why? Because Daniel knew whatever the world found great and exhalted, the Lord found despicable and an abomination (Luke 16:15), so to keep his heart’s purpose true, he wouldn’t let the world’s great food and drink, pull him down into degradation of morals, afterall, the first bite was fun, what would other things the world highly exalts do for Daniel? Daniel also refused to turn his back on God’s word, (Dan. 1:9-13). What was the result? The Lord God gave him knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom”, (Dan. 1:17). What a success story! Who wouldn’t want that? The truth is, God gives holiness, Daniel just lived like he was thankful for it. That’s true holiness.

Christians can lose track of what God’s purpose is in our daily life, and end up losing all sight of His holiness. To grow it, appreciate it and show holiness is something Peter said we NEED. “Be holy because God is holy” (1st Pet. 1:16).  Our life is full of attempts to achieve so many different things. How often do we conscientiously try to express grattitude for God’s gift of holiness in our heart. We can win at many goals in our life, but they are very temporary. Take for example the extreme atheletes amongst us.   36 years ago Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in the famous tennis match that acclaimed Billie Jean King globally in the world of sports. She is now at the official age of retirement hitting 65 and still promoting women’s rights around the globe. But what has she won? Lots of medals, titles and money! That is what she loves and that is her reward. Sadly, she has missed the most

important victories in this life. She lost her marriage to divorce, she lost her baby to an abortion and she lost her integrity before God to her perversion of her gender. Famous people are notorious for winning the world and losing their own soul. Look at the best of them, Elvis, Sinatra and Jackson, the list goes on and on and on. Are you shocked at my presumption that these people will not be saved and end up in hell? Do not forget that God says, “ For what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God” (Lk. 16:15) What are we really trying to win in this life? 

Jesus wants us to win at the battle of overcoming evil with good. That can only be won with the righteousness of God, not our own. Do you have the righteousness of God? No one can get to Heaven without His righteousness. (Mt. 5:20). His righteousness makes us holy in God’s sight. If we believe this, we should want to show our appreciation for this grace. If we do, we bless God and our self with grattitude.  However you serve God to do what is right is holiness, it can be something as simple as giving a cup of cold water to the least of God’s children. Whatever way you are able to show thanks in service, don’t let it stop. Multiply that talent you are sharing! God is pleased, you please yourself and others are blessed by it too.

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