There was once a big growing family that was struggling with the old adage of “Familiarity breeds contempt”.  As the parents bickered, the children caught on quick and they were all caught up in the vicious cycle of contempt.  Their grandparents who had seen it all before, offered these words on kindness.  “We must all accept that some days we are pigeons and on other days, we are the statue”.  One of the little children promptly asked,  what pigeons do on statues, and Grandpa replied, “Let’s just say that if we keep our words sweet, we don’t have to worry about eating them later.  But if you really can’t say anything kind, then at least have the decency to be vague.  The child grinned and told everyone that it was her turn to be the pigeon, but she would sing instead of drop anything.

It would be nice if everyone caught on to Grandpa’s words that quick. Suffice it to say that we must all accept that the friction families feel when our differences make us diffcult to deal with, is simply a reminder that we are all very much like a big box of crayons.  Some people are sharp,  some dull, some pretty, some have wierd names, but we all vary in color and must live in the same box. Would Jesus put such emphasis on kindness? It was Jesus who said, “God is kind to the ungrateful”, (Luke 6:35). So let us use our words to color each other in with kindness, even when you feel like your the statue.

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