Mark 2:1-22

Capernaum was a town that Jesus kept returning to, see Mark 1:21 & 9:33. Later in his ministry he would judge the majority of it’s inhabitants for a lack of repentance, Luke 10:13-15.

If you see God’s power and hear God’s word, what does He expect? __________________

Which came first for the paralyzed man? Forgiveness or Healing?

Would you take anyone paralyzed up on top of a house to meet a Doctor?

What kind of paralyzed person would consent or desire to be taken up above a house and lowered down through a hole in the roof for the opportunity of healing?

Why didn’t the friends of the paralyzed man wait till the crowds thinned out and get access to Jesus later?  Why jump the line, so to speak?

What was the reaction of most people when they saw Jesus perform a miracle to prove he had the power to forgive sins?

Initially what was the first reason Jesus called Levi the tax collector to follow Him?

  1. To get a free meal
  2. To make hypocrites feel guilty
  3. To show his priority in healing sinners

Jesus stated his purpose in coming and going out into the world was:

“I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to _____________________”

What was the first fact Jesus taught about fasting? It’s about the…

  1. Timing of who’s presence you’re in.
  2. Faith of who’s power you’re using.
  3. Health of who’s doing the fasting.

In using the analogy of mismatching new cloth with old garments, or new wine/old wineskins, 

Jesus claimed to be the new ____________________ and his disciples to be the new ___________

Did Jesus expect his disciples to fast? Yes/No

Are marriage relationships always happy, or do marriages have highs and lows?

What three descriptions does Jesus make of himself in the following verses:




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