What God Named

God planted a Garden & made trees grow, and rivers flow. He called it Eden and for centuries the prophets would remember it’s glory, (Ezk 28:13, Ezk 31:8-9, Joel 2:3) At least for a few generations after Adam, people lived in it, 2nd Kings 19:21 and even in Ezekiel’s day, it’s region was still known, Ezk. 27:23. But physically it fades in glory and the memory of scribes after Ezekiel make no mention of Eden. The Holy Spirit seems to erase it from history. Which is in harmony with the changing demise of our planet’s nature. Even in today’s world, no matter how many efforts are put into conservation, many things change for the worse. But this remains permanent, God’s purposeful plan for our original state of fellowship with Him. His determined & successful work to redeem His children into an eternal utopia and intimate fellowship. To do this, God’s son would be sacrificed near a garden, John 19:41. He has paradise with the tree of life awaiting His children, Rev. 2:7. Within the City of God, a river flows and His children are given the right to eat from the tree of life, Rev. 22:2-14.  When God created Eden, he knew that Adam’s sin would ruin it’s glory, so He planned & purposed Christ to help us be restored to His original gift of creation in a new heaven & earth. Paul spoke of creation groaning for the culmination of Christ’s glory in us, Romans 8:18-22.

It is interesting to note that God named the garden, it’s rivers and the two trees, but He let Adam name the animals. Giving Adam a view of his dominion stretching beyond Eden, over the animals that would roam beyond it’s borders. God sets borders in earth from the beginning to the end of the earth’s existence, Acts 17:26, and to this day establishes governments which do His will, Romans 13:1. Indeed today, they still move borders and re-name cities, history may be written by man, but God still motivates & works within His-Story. Therefore we should respect Government and try our best to obey authorities, praying for them and reminding them of Christ’s Lordship in the Church. The effect of governing authorities upon the spreading of the gospel is obvious throughout history, both biblically and in secular history. Why? Because the prince of this world is determined to destroy the truth, Ephesians 2:2-3, and God in Jesus Christ rules over the victory of His Kingdom’s message. Our responsibility as Christian citizens is to prayerfully promote responsible dominion over the earth God created for our use and control. Waste is not godly, Jesus showed us concern for this in John 6:12. If our government sees we are environmentally responsible and care for the earth, they may have more appeal toward our message of moral restraint. Nevertheless, if only for the sake of our own conscience and respect for God’s creation, we ought to treat the world we live in with care & refrain from it’s abuse & unnecessary pollution. This kind  of lifestyle can improve the reputation of a Christian’s name from the world’s perspective. Remember, it is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

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