Ancient Prophecy Made Current

From Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 22:10-20, prophecy fills a major part of the Bible. Most of prophecy directly or indirectly refers to the Jewish Messiah/God’s Christ for the entire human race across the globe. Every individual is given hope in the fulfilled promises of a faithful God, when we each personally accept true living faith in Jesus as Christ & Lord. The power of purification (1st John 3:3) and the power of a living hope (1st Peter 1:3) are both found satisfying in Christ by every person that allows The Faith to grow in our body, soul & mind. Do you believe in the prophetic promise of God to provide inner purity & power to live pure? Read about the purpose of prophetic scripture in Romans 15:4 to enrich your faith in the truth.

As we reflect on the purpose of a prophet, we see it is two-fold. Firstly to speak on behalf of God or via God, as Enoch & Noah did and secondly, to pray and/or intercede for other people as Abraham & Samuel did, Gen. 20:17 & 1st Sam. 23. By this we discover the purpose of our intercession, a life-giving God working through his prophetic word in Jesus the great prophet, John 6:14 & Acts 7:37. The ability to spread the gospel and help other people to accept it by faith is seen as we read Acts 6:4, see this in action by the Apostles. We also see prayer as a necessity of preparation by the Apostles to help God establish the Church with the gospel in Acts 1:4-14, 2:1-6. A great prophecy fulfilled from the promise of God,  Jeremiah 31:31-34.

The Bible itself is a huge book of promises. From the promise of victory of God within humanity (Gen. 3:15) via the seed of the woman, to the promised victory of Christ and all those within Him to triumph over sin & death (Rev. 22:13-19). The seed of the Kingdom was prophesied and fulfilled in Christ. Is the seed of the Kingdom within you?

If we are spiritually located and growing in Christ as the Great Prophet that came into the world, we are obliged to prophesy in the sense of enacting our royal priesthood with intercessory prayer like Abraham & Samuel, as well as pointing people to the truth of Christ’s coming in the future to judge everyone according to His word, John 12:48. Read Matthew 13:38 & Mark 4:26 to see Christ’s direction in this need of ours.

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