Weapons of Satan

sunday’s sermon outline

Fear;  Pilate lost the battle against Satan’s weapon of fear, which he used through the enemies of Jesus against Pilate. The fear of a lie becoming truth is real, and we must face it with the truth of God’s word, Jn. 19:11. We will meet the discouragement that can come from the fear of this world’s threats, trials and temptations, Mk. 13:12-13.  Our Couragecan be found  in His power,  2Tm. 1:7. Please read Mark 12:24, our mistakes are often caused by our ignorance of his word and His power.

Ignorance; All the Roman Soldiers that nailed Jesus to the cross lost the battle of overcoming evil with good, Lk 23:34. We should grow in this matter of ignorance in God’s will for our lifestyle, 2Pt. 3:18 & 1Tm. 4:15.   Imitate Jesus by feeding on His word and growing in His grace & knowledge, Mt. 4:1-4. 

Greed;  Ananias & Saphira lost the battle of pride, they were more concerned about how they looked in their giving as a Christian, than how God looked upon their hearts.  Our Honesty with God in prayer is often a cure for pride and greed for a greater reputation, Acts 4:32-5:11. Faith & Love is the victory, 1Cr. 16:14 & 1Jn. 5:4.

Have you won the victory of overcoming evil in your life with His goodness, His strength, His knowledge and His love?  Or do you rely on your own goodness, strength, knowledge and love?

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