Mary & The Angels

Her position was almost as low in ancient Jewish society as any citizen could be. Only criminals were lower. A female, uneducated, poor and unmarried. When she became pregnant outside of wedlock, she could easily be mistaken for worse than a sinner, rather an iniquitous lawbreaker. However, she proved to be blessed and shared that blessedness. She however was not sinless, nor was she a perfect mother. She once went a whole day without even making sure of her 12 yr old child’s whereabouts, Lk. 2:43-44. But, her faith was imbedded in her respect for God.  See Luke 1:38.  Her first question to Gabriel indicated her willingness to find a husband. But Gabriel revealed that her pregnancy will originate with God’s Spirit, not a husband. Mary immediately submits. God knew that He needed a woman who could demonstrate humility and immediate submission. Without a strong sense of servitude, Jesus would not be able to learn the utmost obedience He needed in order to be The Messiah.  

Her praise is almost verbatim in content with Hannah’s praise after the birth of Samuel, 1Sam. 2:1-10. Jesus had a mother who knew the importance of rejoicing in the Sovereignty of God. Mary had an appreciation of God’s holiness (Lk 1:49) and expressed her faith in His faithfulness BEFORE the journey to Nazareth. Lk. 1:46-56. Since she already knew she was pregnant with the most important baby in the world. Why would she take such a risky journey? Because of two reasons. She loved Joseph, and she was learning how to take her submission to God and apply it to her husband, and go ahead and go with Joseph. Joseph takes the lead in obeying the law and Mary follows! Her journey to Bethlehem with Joseph was proof that her honesty and the Angel’s message to Joseph were in harmony and to both Mary & Joseph, it was believable !  This couple had a faith in God’s ability to perform miracles! They took the journey betrothed, and had started to make plans for a wedding, regardless of the exact timing of the Baby’s birth. Their journey was an act of faith, they both surely reasoned that if God could make Mary pregnant, then God could help them get to Bethlehem and back to Nazareth for the wedding. But of course God had other plans for them in Egypt.

The honesty Mary & Joseph shared with each other is exemplary, (Mt. 1:18-25).  Her preparation is another way you can see Mary’s unwavering faith. No one accidentally finds clean swaddling cloths for wrapping a newborn to lay in a feeding trough for animals. Mary came prepared! This was an act of faith, she was determined to have Baby Jesus ANYTIME, ANYWHERE God willed it to happen. No matter how poor or how rushed, she would do her best to be prepared, Lk. 2:7. Jesus had a mother who knew preparation was very important! God did not give the Innkeeper a dream or visionary angel to announce the coming of Mary in labor, but He did give Mary the heart to be humble, subservient and prepared! Her honesty with Joseph would have helped them both to perform the delivery safely. In their day, natural child-birth was a high-risk event filled with all kinds of dangers.

Gabriel & The Host:The angelic appearances were made to Zechariah, Elisabeth, Mary, Joseph, and many Shepherds. But not to anyone inside Bethlehem!  Why? Because God’s messengers work to prepare us for humble service, Heb. 1:14.  If it’s from a barn, then that is where we start. God wants us to recognize that it is Him that makes us what we are to become in the future, not ourselves! God loves humble minds and humble beginnings, we must learn to fall in love with them too. Php 2:3-8.

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