A Christian Perspective on Psalm 95

v1-3, this Psalm contains three names of God: EL,  JEHOVAH, & ELOHIM, we should not use any of them to refer to false gods. We should call an idol an idol and nothing more! The first implies his strength; the second his being or essence; the third, his covenant relationship with humanity.” Idols have none of these attributes. 

v4-7, “Hear His Voice”,  A spiritual reality that is important enough to be mentioned three times in the book of Hebrews 3:7 & 15, 4:7. In Heb. 4:7 the emphasis is on the word today, indicating the urgency of listening to God with a soft heart now! Jesus in the gospels makes this expectation a reality in John 10:3-4. 

v8, makes it very clear that God puts us in charge of the condition of our heart, is it hard or soft? What kind of heart do we want? Are we even aware of what we can do to change or maintain the condition of our heart? The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, but do you take that to mean he softens or hardens everyone’s heart? If you do, then why not ask Him to help you soften your heart?

Some people harden their hearts by deliberately deciding not to demonstrate emotion about spiritual experiences or facts.

Some harden their hearts by intentionally putting off a real relationship with God till later.

Some harden their hearts by pretending to have doubts about the evidence of God in the natural world around us.

Some harden their hearts by actively getting involved with evil people, friendship with the world means hostility toward God? So whoever decides to be the world’s friend makes himself God’s enemy (James 4:4).

Some harden their hearts by focusing on silly amusements intended to kill time and prevent themselves from thinking about spiritual truths. 

Do we harden our hearts?
v9-11 is a stark reminder of God’s warning that we should never make the same mistake the Hebrews did by complaining about God at Massah & Maribah. The name Massah means “testing.” This was another name along with Meribah [strife] given to the place where the new Hebrew nation complained following the Red Sea Crossing, Ex. 17:1-7, After we have actually seen Him working, we can’t afford to have an attitude towards God for complaining. If that is our attitude, then we do risk falling from His grace and can lose our salvation as the Hebrews did long ago. Falling from grace is a plausible reality for some Christians, see Galatians 5:1-5 & Hebrews 10:38-39.

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