A Christian Perspective on Psalm 41

v1, David isn’t singing “Blessed is he that tells others that they need to help the poor.” Or “Blessed is he that votes for politicians who consider the poor… with other people’s money – rather than his own.” Neither is David singing “Give them money!” That is a western attitude. If we throw money at problems they will eventually go away. David doesn’t even mention money. The Hebew for “poor” here can mean scrawny, like the runt of the litter. We might ask, wouldn’t money help the weak or disadvantaged from birth? Not always. Because some people are genetically predisposed to addiction, when they get money they can waste it on drugs instead of paying rent. Money doesn’t solve problems by itself. That’s why David doesn’t talk directly – and certainly not solely – about giving the poor money. Rather, David wants us to consider them. To think of the best possible way to help them in their particular need. That may be money. It may be investing time to teach them life skills. It might be telling them what Jesus would do. It might be letting them stay at your place. It might be standing up for them and defending them before others. That’s why we’re encouraged to consider how best to help them. David needs to declare the blessing of this activity because the tendency of self-focused mankind is to ignore people like this. Yeah, they’re needy – but we have enough needs of our own. Or so the natural man tends to think. Sure, they’re helpless – but I myself am in need of great help! Well, you can think that – but you’re going to miss out on blessings from the Lord. 

v2-8, The blessings of preservation, prosperity, healing and integrity belong to God’s children who consider and help the poor in the way God directs them! The beauty of being a Christian, is that all those blessings actually are eternal.

v9,  The betrayal by a friend is prophesied here, and fulfilled in Christ, when Judas Iscariot takes the bread and dips it with Jesus. John 13:26-27. The timing of Satan’s entrance into the plans and heart of Judas is at this very moment. John chooses to use this Psalm as proof that Jesus knew what he was doing and did it willingly. John 13:18. Jesus knows what it feels like to have the people we help, turn around and abuse us. He will protect us and bring us through the abuse, triumphantly! He died for both the helper and the abuser, to one day be forgiven if we can both follow Jesus and make him our Lord,  this is love. Obey Christ’s commands to love one another, no matter what.

v10-12, The type of triumph we feel in overcoming temptation is both short lived and in Heaven a victory that we feel forever, This is what it means to “reign with Him”, Revelation 5:10 & 22:4-5.

v13,  Jesus as The Christ displayed Jehovah with us, and in his resurrection, Christ became Jehovah for us, Luke 1:75-78.  Praise Him no matter what happens! See Ephesians 1:3.

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