A Christian Perspective on Psalm 36

v1, The deep seated rebellion that is at the core of people who do not fear God, is how David describes lost humanity. Even the Apostle Paul made an effort to write poetically on the wickedness of humanity. Almost every part of a person is used to describe how saturated in sin, Paul views humanity in Romans 3:11-18. The mind in v11, the throat, tongue, mouth, feet and eyes, v18. All of this is rooted in a lack of fear towards God. Can you define godly fear as different from human fear?

v7 The “Precious” loyal love of the Lord is noteworthy. The same word for excellent or precious in the English is the same Hebrew word used for the expensive jewels placed on David’s crowned head, recorded in 2nd Samuel 12:30. God’s loyal covenant love is like a precious, rare, unique jewel. To find it, is to find something far better than any stone in this life. Much akin to the value Jesus puts on finding the Kingdom of God in Matthew 13:44-46, esteeming treasure and pearls as worth our utmost sacrifices to obtain. If this is your set of values. Therefore, the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings: Our God is a place of rest and protection for the people of God, who is the God of all comfort & mercy. God invites everyone of the children of men to find this resting place of trust in Him. Jesus used this phrase in the sense that a hen covers her young chicks under her wings to protect, hide, and shelter them. The picture of taking refuge in the shadow of thy wings was used of Ruth by Boaz (Ruth 2:12) and of Jerusalem by Jesus (Mt. 23:37) while undergoing the wrath of Judgment that was about to come upon it. 

v9,  In Your light we see light is similar in thought to the Apostle John’s idea in the opening words of the Gospel: Jesus was the true Light which gives light to every man (John 1:9) 

v12,  David catches a glimpse of the evil doers downfall as it points to fulfillment from this oracle. Sometimes we get to see this too, when evil people plot the downfall of the righteous; as Henry III of France was stabbed in the same chamber where he and others had contrived the Parisian massacre. The New Testament comes to a close in the Revelation with a statement about the continual sinfulness of this world, in the face of God’s victory, Revelation 22:11. The horrid end of Hitler & Hussein are similar.

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