A Christian Perspective on Psalm 5

How do you begin your day? Probably when you’re trying to wake up, many of us try to start thinking about what is facing us? Preparation! The way David found the greatest blessings in life was to begin the day preparing to serve the Lord. He would first take his “GROANINGS” to God in prayer and ask to be heard. This was his experience because of an eternal truth expressed in Romans 8:26. It was true in ancient times for David and it can be true for you & me. 

V2-3, David knew what kind of God was the one and only true God, He was the king’s King. Little did he know that one day God would choose to come into our world as a baby in poverty and face enemies on a cross. But for now God had a house, that is a Temple. Literally it was physically a tabernacle, but in David’s heart, he knew the King of kings deserved a much better place or house to dwell in. So he offered him a sacrifice to show God his debt. David knew he could not produce what God deserved. A righteous holy life and a house made of the most expensive material, but David could show him his love and debt for God’s sovereign rule and protection over his life, so he started his day with a prayer and a sacrifice. 

V4-7, To understand why David would call the Lord’s house a Temple, instead of a tabernacle, which it was in his day, you need to back a few years before David was even born., In 1st Samuel 3:3, When Samuel was just a little boy, the tabernacle was called a Temple. It’s the very first occurrence in the Old Testament, where this word is used. Why? Because the future of a Messianic King for the throne eternal was to be promised through Samuel. God so desired to let the world know that the spiritual perspective of their future, would not refer to a big tent (Tabernacle) as anything other than a Temple. To the world and everybody outside Israel, it was just a big tent, but little Samuel would grow up to anoint David as King and God would give him a throne that would be eternal in Christ. See Revelation 22:16

v8-10, So David was brave before the Lord and spoke against his enemies brashly in prayer, because he knew his security in a Sovereign God. His enemies that he may face daily were violent liars v6, arrogant v5, & rebels against God, v10. So David knew he would win and was able to rejoice in God’s love.

v11-12, Here are some privileges we as God’s children get to enjoy.

“Take refuge in God” because of his powerful name that covers us like a shield of righteousness. “Sing for Joy” because of His blessings that are eternal & spiritual, are more to be desired than any physical property or riches. Do we sing like this?

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