A Christian Persepective on Psalm 2

Praise for The Rule of God

It’s likely that Nathan the Prophet during David’s reign wrote this Psalm, he asks why all the worldly people want to attack the King, which only results in making God very angry. He praises God for showing his justified wrath towards people who rebel against the Messiah. Do you have any idea why this message would be a song? Psalm 2 is not only about David and other kings of Israel. It is also about Jesus. The prophets said that the Messiah would be king of all the nations. David never ruled the whole world. Jesus Christ is still on course to rule the whole world & one day promises to destroy those will not submit to his Lordship. Jesus had a friend called Peter. Peter wrote that the message of the prophets was for us. The sovereignty of God is usually called “providence” by many Christians, if you do not use this word or have an understanding of what it is, please read Matthew 6:25-26 & 10:29  (Acts 24:2 & Romans 13:14 KJV “providence/provision”)

In Acts 4:25-26 Luke writes that Peter repeated Psalm 2:3. Herod and Pilate were the leaders that killed Jesus. Some of the people in the Psalm were the Jews that killed Jesus. They all decided that Christ (the Greek word for “Messiah”) must die.

v4 – 6: God put David in Zion as king. When David died his son Solomon became king and so on. Jesus was the last man that God put as king in Jerusalem. Herod, Pilate and the Jews killed Jesus, knowing that Jesus claimed to be a “type” of King, but they were so angry with Jesus that their rage blinded them from understanding what type of King Jesus claimed to be. Where Jesus died Pilate wrote, “The King of the Jews.” Really, Jesus offered himself and God said that he was king. “Sitting above the skies” means “in heaven.”

v7 – 8: The description here of angels, fire and wind, is surely pointing to the description of the coming of the Son’s Spirit of Christ in Acts 2, which the Hebrew writer points out in Hebrews 1:5 & 5:5. Jesus is the only person ever born on earth, as a truly faithful son of God. Adam is described as a son of God in Luke 3, but that was simply in the sense that God made him first from the dust of the earth. Adam’s earthly nature was weak and fell into sin, but not Jesus! Everyone else must become a son of God by becoming born again in Jesus. God then gives us new life. It is as though we start life again! In Acts 13: 33 Luke repeated another verse from Psalm 2. He wrote that the words “You are my son” came true as evidenced in power, when God raised Jesus from the dead”.

v9 – 12:His rod of iron is seen in Revelation 12:5 & 19:15, what does it represent?  This is important especially towards civil Government. If politicians do not see themselves as ministers for good and to execute justice against evil, nations will suffer.  We must all become servants of the LORD. If we do not, we will die. When we come to Jesus, he becomes our friend. But we must remember who he is. Jesus is God! Though we are friends, we are also servants that have God’s joyful satisfaction & sovereign security in our hearts.

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