Meditations on the Conclusion of James.

The whole reason James wrote this letter is because God’s Spirit does not want any of his children to lose sight of their salvation. It is very easy and part of our human condition to stray off the target and get distracted with other priorities, rather than to stay focused on getting home and helping others get there with us. To “err from the truth” can be disastrous for any Christian because Jesus proclaimed and proved that he is THE Truth, John 14:6. If any Christian wanders away from Jesus as the Christ, we are vulnerable prey, like a lost sheep for the wolves. Take your Shepherd seriously, because once upon the cross, He was the Lamb of God sacrificed for us.  He ends the letter with a plea to encourage each other in the achievement of conversion & salvation. This does not mean we can save ourselves, but rather God mandates our cooperation in His work of conversion and salvation! (5:19-20)

It is notable to see a common theme or context running through His letter and Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, it’s almost as if James is quoting from it at times when he writes.

James 1:2 & Mat. 5:10-12 “Trials”

James 1:4 & Mat. 5:48 “Maturity”

James 2:13 & Mat 6:14-15 “Judgment”

James 3:6 & Mat. 5:22 “Judgment”

James 4:11 & Mat. 7:1-2 “Judgment”

James 5:2 & Mat. 6:19 “Treasures”

James (2:1) is the only other author besides Paul to title Jesus as the “Lord of Glory”, 1st Corinthians 2:8, which is similar to what the Psalmist uses in Psa. 24:8, about Jehovah God, as “King of Glory”. When James uses it, it’s in the context of judgment the church exercises in fellowship with each other, James 2:1-4. When Paul uses it, it’s in the context of the world judging Christ as a criminal. So we should see why the title “Lord of Glory” comes to mind for James & Paul when we consider the Judgment Day will be dominated by Christ in glory, see 2nd Thessalonians 1:9. Moses & Elijah saw Christ as glorious, as well as Peter, James & John, Remember how Christ was strengthened during the transfiguration in glory as He prepared for the Cross during his last week with his apostles, Matthew 17:2-3. Do you see Jesus as the Lord of Glory? If so, do not neglect our salvation, Hebrews 2:3.

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