Selfishness – The Absence of Gratitude, Matthew 11:25-27

Jesus thanked God because of his Lordship, v25a

Jesus thanked God because of his wisdom, v25b

Jesus thanked God because of his grace, v26

Jesus thanked God because of his trust, v27

If there is a reason to maintain and improve your capacity to remember things, it is gratitude. Forgetting God’s benefits results in selfishness. The Psalmist declares that we should “forget not all his benefits” (103:2) It is from factual experience that we feel thankfulness by remembering who it is that is gracious to us, their grace motivates us to say and show grace to them and others. Grace is very contagious. Sharing thankfulness expels selfishness!

Consider how detestable ingratitude really is, as Paul describes ungodly people in Romans 1:21-22, “…they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him but they became futile in their thinking and their foolish hearts were darkened…”. One of the many sins listed as characteristic of this vicious pagan world, was ingratitude. Paul says people will be “unthankful” in 2Tim. 3:1-5 along with more obvious sins. God reckons ingratitude so detestable as to catalog it with the most tragic of transgressions. Shakespeare wrote, “blow, blow thou winter wind, thou are not so unkind as man’s ingratitude”. So even though the Apostle Paul was in prison chains, he could still write, “giving thanks for all things” (Eph. 5:20)

The cure for ingratitude is to count our blessings and the greatest blessing is Jesus. Thanks saying is not necessarily thanks giving, but thanks living is. In response to the Psalmist’s question, “what will I give to the Lord for all his benefits toward me? (Psa. 116:12) Let us be determined that we will give to God our love, our time, our talents, our money, yes even our lives. Afterall it was He who gave us his Son’s life on a cross. If we find it hard to count our blessings, let us start with the spiritual ones. The forgiveness of all our sins, the presence of his Spirit, a name in the Book of Life, a residence in heaven, a peace that passes understanding, a crown of life, a loyal friend in Jesus and His love that never fails. If we do this, it will surprise you what the Lord has done and make you even more grateful than what you were before you started counting your blessings. Now start on your physical blessings and remember that people who are not humbly grateful are bound to become grumbly hateful. Read & memorize Philippians 2:14-15. If you choose to leave your heart empty of gratitude, the void in your heart will just be selfishness. Read Matthew 6:22-23.

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