Worry, Misplaced Priorities

Most of us worry about the future, not because we fear it, but because we can’t control it. Thank God is in control and not us. Most of our worry is simply a lack of faith in the sovereignty of God as well as ignorance of his love. The time and energy we spend worrying can be draining us of strength to do something about it. We do indeed live in an age of anxiety, but Christ would have us be more concerned about the age to come. Live like tomorrow never comes, and eternity is already a part of today, John 10:10.

Anxiety that is not sinful:

There are mental illnesses that cause anxiety, which can not and should not be attributed to sin. The Lord cares for the sick, and we are instructed to pray in faith for all people that suffer ill health. For example, paranoid schizophrenia is only one of many illnesses that can exacerbate otherwise daily stressors that everyone must endure through daily life. But if a healthy person let’s our anxiety lead us to reject God and his word, then we are our own worst enemy, and will indeed fall into sin. If we are anxious by choice then being worrisome is a dangerous attitude, remember Philippians 2:26-27. But if we are suffering anxiety from a mental disorder and take worry to a paranoid level by no choice of our own, then we are at the mercy of God and need the grace of God in Christians moreso than other healthy people!

Anxiety that is sinful: 

Matthew recorded in 6:24-34, that Jesus prohibits worry. Three times he says, “Be Not Anxious”, v25, 31, 34. The way Jesus knew His Father cares for mere birds, was a great statement on God’s love for humanity, no matter how humans behave like animals, we are still worth more to Him than all the beauty of beastly creatures. To worry about being poor is to sin against the promises of a faithful God to take care of you, He’s done it for millions, he’ll do it for you. Jesus used the phrase “You of little faith” four times. In Mt. 6:30 he used it in connection with anxiety, in Mt. 8:26 in connection with fear, in Mt. 14:31 in connection with doubt, and in Mt. 16:8 in connection with human reasoning. In reverse order, it is noteworthy; human reasoning produces doubt, doubt produces fear and fear produces anxiety. Faith in Christ is the remedy for each of these heart conditions, John 14:1.

Anxiety that is actually healthy: 

Paul was right to be worried about the congregations he had a relationship with, but he needn’t be so worried about them that he would search for faults or dismiss their hopes and dreams of seeing Christ. His anxiety led him to pray and search for God’s will. See 2nd Corinthians 11:28-31. He didn’t hide his anxiety from Christians living unhealthy lifestyles, he told them the truth in love. If we trust God to share His love, then we can do something about the problems we worry about. His word is able to instruct us, He has given us wisdom, please use it, Read Ephesians 5:15-16.

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