The Spirit of Glory & Truth, Isaiah 11:1-4

The ancient prophet Isaiah says so much about the coming Messiah, this passage relates to us the promise of power in the Christ to come. His power would emanate from God’s Spirit of wisdom & counsel. When Jesus proclaimed that he was the Way, the Truth and the Life, as recorded in John 14:6, he was making his disciples certain of his unique path set towards life and the resurrection itself, previously stated in John 11:25. This must have been glorious to see & experience. What looked like a mere man, stating such grand claims and having the power to not just make them with miracles, but to prove them true in the face of death itself. It is because of his resurrection, that His Spirit proved not only his Sonship with God the Father, (Romans 1:4) but also that His Spirit is alive today. His glory, truth & wisdom still work. Never forget the biblical definition of glory may be hard to explain but it always relates to “something or someone having a view or opinion that gives benefits or has a good effect on other people”. Glory is essentially a weight that leans on and affects whatever it bears upon to benefit. The truth of any subject in God’s word has a lasting good & practical benefit on our daily lives. He is the Spirit of Truth as stated in John 14:17 &15:26. John actually proclaims that The Spirit is truth itself, 1st John 5:6. It has a habit of setting us free from sin!

The Apostle Peter calls God’s Spirit the Spirit of Glory in 1st Peter 4:14-16, because a primary purpose in his dwelling is to influence us with the fruit of His Spirit. They are each virtues which when lived out daily by us, will cause friction in the world. This friction is sometimes so hot, it is actual persecution. Peter knows Christians undergoing persecution need to be reminded of the Spirit of Glory’s presence. He will influence us with these Christlike virtues to standfast faithfully when facing persecution or temptation. This Spirit of Glory in our hearts comforts us in this knowledge. Do you believe this?

The Spirit loves us, the word can not, because God is love and His Spirit is truth, Romans 15:30. Because of this, there is true spiritual glory in a genuine growing Christian’s heart, read 2nd Corinthians 4:6 & Ephesians 3:13 as passages which share in the same subject. We are being encouraged here by God’s word, as residing with God’s glory spiritually. But we are being loved by the Spirit Himself! This never changes, as long as we walk in the light as Jesus is the light and have fellowship with each other, his blood cleanses, and His Spirit of Glory makes us stand up for his name. The Comforter’s counsel with the wisdom of God is glorious. Spiritual wisdom is a gift that Paul prays that each Christian in Ephesus would receive as they grow. See Ephesians 1:17. Do we ask God to open the eyes of our heart and let us see how wise, glorious and powerful He is, as he grows spiritual fruit in our life?

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