The Water of Life, John 7:37-38

Jeremiah 2:11-13, reveals the amazement of God, at the errors of Israel. When Jesus was on earth, he is recorded as being amazed at people’s disbelief, Mark 6:6. In Jeremiah we see the same amazement at God towards his unbelieving children in Israel. He describes it as rejecting the water of life, and building for themselves wells or cisterns of water that are cracked and leaking. Surely this was in the mind of Christ when he told the parable of the wise man that built his house upon the rock, and not sand, Matthew 7:24-27. The more interested we become in the toys of this world, the less interested we become in the next world. The Water of Life can change that and increase our appetite for real life from a well that brings rivers of living water. People haven’t changed since Jeremiah’s day, still building broken wells.

Jesus says in John 3:5 that one must be “born of water and Spirit” to enter the Kingdom of God, a reference to the Father’s cleansing and regeneration of a person that makes him a new, spiritual creation within a physical body. At this point in our re-birth, the Holy Spirit can be referred to as the Spirit of Adoption, (Romans 8:15) Adoption is something that only the Father does—no amount of human effort forces Him to open the door and make us drink of his love (see Romans 5:5), and surely this is the picture he has of us spiritually when we become a Christian, 1st Corinthians 12:13. However, once that regeneration has taken place, we are “conveyed into the kingdom of the Son of His love,” as Colossians 1:13 says. We are then a member of His Kingdom! But the bottom line is that this is an operation that happens according to the Father’s will, not any human’s. It is His spiritual operation that achieves the process of adoption. Our citizenship is in Heaven once we are in Christ’s Spirit of adoption, Philippians 3:20. Is it any wonder that baptism in water and the Spirit represented as living water be in God’s word as an act of faith where God views adoption taking place.

For Jesus himself being proven as the “Water of Life” to anyone, is first recorded in his discussion with the Samaritan woman. She understood how refreshing and invigorating His Spirit of Christ was in simply believing He was who He claims to be, and went boldly proclaiming His Messiahship, the Christ. John 4:13-14. After his ministry was growing and before it came to a close, Jesus publicly proclaimed and later proved it in John 7:37-39 in the Temple grounds during the feast of Tabernacles! This feast is still observed by Jews today, and is an excellent opportunity for us to promote his proven claim in our lives. Every year around September or October, Jews will observe “Booths” or “Succoth” about a week after The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur is observed. 

Peter wants us to believe in, and look forward to being refreshed. Are you refreshed? There are times of refreshing available, Acts 3:19-20. A worldly lifestyle can leave you constantly thirsting. All other philosophies, therapies, religions or spiritual menus will always leave us searching for a deeper drink of satisfaction. But the Spirit of Christ refreshes now and forever. If you miss out on Christ’s Spirit here on earth, you will miss this water of life for eternity., Read Revelation 22:1 & 17. Hell is hotter & drier than the driest desert on earth, come get a drink now before it’s forever too late!

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