Confidence in the Champion Christ, Hebrews 12:1-8

This penultimate passage opens up by pointing our attention to the reality of a ‘cloud’ that includes men and women of God who are spectators and are larger in number than those 18 or so saints mentioned here, known and unknown to history. We are also under angelic observation, read Ephesians 3:10-11 and a few people in the world today are watching our faith and conduct. We are surrounded by them, as spectators in a stadium observe the players in the championship game of the ages from all angles. Do we have as much anticipation about how our faith plays out in our lifestyle as ancient saints, angels and loved ones here on earth? Many masses of beings are more than interested in how our faith is shown, so…. Do you share your faith?

Is there a difference between a “weight” and “sin”? Can something be a burden without it being a sin? Our weights in life could be pressure put on us by harmful people or hypocrites. If we can find a way to cast their pressure aside, what better direction than to lay them at the feet of Christ in prayer? 1st Peter 5:7. When it comes to sin, we should be eager to confess all kinds of sin to Christ, the lover of our soul. Sins come in various types, some can be avoided, admired, seductive and/or dangerous. Be dead to them all.

Why? Because Jesus is the Champion, as in founder and perfecter, v2, or Alpha & Omega, (Revelation 1:17) which offers his established victory to us personally, and he promises us His power, if we will accept Him for who He says He is, trust Him and obey Him. This position of Jesus is why the disciples called him “Lord” when they realized they were sent (apostles) by him, Luke 17:5.

The “struggle” v4, against sin, can be equated to “our cross” which Jesus demands every follower of Christ should pick up and bear, (Luke 9:23). If we do not identify and know this struggle, then we are not picking up our cross. Do it for the “cloud”, do it most of all for the One who suffered v3, and died for us in the worst way of all.  Why, because God empowers us to fight the good fight if we do, He will never expect us to pick up our cross alone! Jesus didn’t and neither will any of us.The founding principle for the best reason to fight the good fight against sin, is because of our need to respect the power of God and God himself. The author quotes this encouraging warning from Deuteronomy 4:9-10, with the same point Solomon makes in Proverbs 3:11-12. Forgetting this principle, v5, will cost us dearly, so dearly, God is willing to discipline us, so that we will learn His will and never forget His priorities. If discipline does not hurt, then it’s not real. The pain of discipline is not just an attention-getter, but rather, it instills in us the importance of God’s priorities for what is right as more valuable than what is wrong. Because even Christ underwent discipline by what He suffered, and his perfect life of righteousness in doing the Father’s will, is why He is the King of kings in this Kingdom eternal and unshakable! 12:27-28. It is for discipline that we have to endure. God is treating us as His own children. For what child is there, whom his father does not discipline? If we are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then we are illegitimate children and not God’s children, 12:7-8. I want to be God’s own child, adopted with the priceless gift of Christ’s blood, 1st Peter 1:18-19. Don’t you?

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