“Hebrews” – Jesus Christ is The Best!

The character of our Lord Jesus Christ is publically made known in this unique book. He is…

…Better than Angels — 1-2

…Better than Moses — 3-4

…Better than Aaron — 5-7

…Mediator of a Better Covenant — 8

…Minister of a Better Tabernacle — 9-10

…A Better Example — 11-12

…A Better Shepherd — 13

There are at least 5 warnings in the letter.

  1. Warning against drifting (2:1-4) Since Christ is better than the angels, we better seek His salvation.
  2. Warning against unbelief (3:12-4:13) Since Christ’s house is better than Moses’, we had better not find ourselves left outside because of unbelief.
  3. Warning against falling away (5:12-6:8)  Since Christ is a better high priest, we had better not fall away from His righteous example & protection.
  4. Warning against willfully sinning (10:26-31) Since Christ has brought a better sacrifice, we had better not despise it.
  5. Warning against defying the work of God (12:14-29) Since Christ has taught us how to resist sin, we had better follow His teaching, thereby cooperating with his work.

The book is a unique jewel in a collection of jewels. The strongest assurance of the presence of Christ is found in this book (13:5). It contains a powerful view of the Word of God. God’s Word is living, powerful and discerning (4:12), good (6:5), & a refuge (6:17-18).

Date & Penmanship; Most theology scholars agree that during the 2nd century an early church writer named Tertullian seemed to agree with the idea of Barnabas being used by God to write Hebrews, but there is no definitive proof or correlation with other writers, so no one really knows specifically who God used to pen this masterpiece!  Most scholars date it around 60AD just before the Temple is destroyed but some of the grammar leads us to believe it might have been later, after the Temple was destroyed. Hebrews 9:5 is probably the best reason for dating it later. This much is certain, tradition is wrong concerning the Apostle Paul writing Hebrews because Hebrews 2:3-4 is written by someone who was a second generation Christian, that is certainly not Paul. This is actually written to all of Spiritual Israel with a Jewish background, Romans 9:6 & 27.

1:1-3, The Hebrew writer takes us back to the creation of the world, back before the Patriarchs Adam, Noah & Abraham. During the creation, God spoke through the same word, which became flesh in Jesus, Gen. 1:1-26 & John 1:14. In Jesus Christ we have a new beginning in revealing a new covenant, as God gives this faith into the heart of anyone who chooses to trust and obey His Son Jesus, wherein a new creation is begun. Now we have the one true and best delivery in hearing, discerning and growing in God’s will. The mind of Christ. This powerful word sustains the universe and gives all matter the ability to exist, Colossians 1:17. This word will judge us all in the last day, John 12:48-49. Let’s be ready!

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