Vision for the Blind

There are many kinds of powerful healings which Jesus performed out of compassion, and a few of them were mentioned by him as proof that he is the Messiah, Luke 7:22. There are at least three events recorded of Jesus making people see clearly when they had no sight! John 9:1-7, Luke 18:35-43 & Mark 8:22-26. Making the blind see is an obvious way of telling the world that Christ is both the Light of the World, as well as the great Physician he claims to be, Mark 2:17. The Christ is a title which means “The Anointed”, in the context of giving vision to the blind, it is ointment with healing and enlightening properties, from God! For those of us living with the Spirit of Christ, this means that the eyes of our heart are enlightened. Ephesians 1:17-18. Why would Paul pray for the church in Ephesus to have the eyes of their heart enlightened, if the church as a whole, already had the presence of Christ’s Spirit? Because faith is our victory, personal faith, not someone else’s faith in the church, but yours!

For the man born blind in John 9, Jesus used his saliva & dirt, but for the beggar in Luke 18, Jesus simply pronounced his sight into reality. The personal nature of the miracle on the man born blind, could be because Christ knew he would be tested by critics and would be unknown by the blind man healed on the Sabbath. The mud & saliva would give the man a way to verify that it was Jesus when his testimony was pressed by the critics. Another example of the personal nature in the miraculous ability to restore vision, is in Mark 8:22-26. When Jesus actually asks the blind person, “how are you seeing?” It is certain that restoring vision to the blind was not an easy task and indeed there were different degrees of blindness which Jesus was healing. Even after using saliva, he had to place his hand on his eyes a second time, to ensure the blind man could see perfectly! There is only one other recorded instance of Jesus using saliva in miraculous healing, Mark 7:31-37, where he healed a deaf & mute person. The word of Christ was enough to work huge miracles, but faith is essential. God’s word is powerful, See Psalm 119:81-91, 2nd Corinthians 6:6-7 & Romans 1:16.

For the beggar by the road to Jericho, we read that Jesus pronounced “his faith” as giving him restored vision, Lk. 18:42. This was evident in his shouting to get the attention of Jesus, as “Son of David”. What is the significance of this title? Angels regarded this title with universal power, Luke 1:32. In the Revelation 5:5, the Elders refer to Jesus as the “root of David” and Jesus refers to himself as the descendant of David, Rev. 22:16. During the 1st century, Jewish culture regarded the Messiah to come and rule over the world. He would be the “son of David”, this thought is rooted in prophecy from Jeremiah 33:17 & Zechariah 13:1. Even the wise ‘magi’ kings of the East had heard of this prophecy and offered gifts to the Christ child under his star. David is the only King mentioned in Hebrews 11, listing many heroes of the faith. Therefore it is a sound point to make, then and now, that there is real eternal authority in this title, which is the power that worked on the blind man’s eyes. His Spirit has power to enlighten the eyes of your heart. Do you believe this? Could this be the reason, we should pray about reading God’s word, to make sure it is not just an academic experience, but a spiritual experience giving us insight into what The Spirit is trying to teach us?

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