Whatever subject matter is elementary or basic for one person, might be incredibly advanced for the next person. First century Christians with a background in Judaism, would be very well versed in the following topics from Heb. 6:1-2.

  1. Repentance from Dead Works.  2. Faith in God. 3. Baptisms,  4.Laying on of Hands. 5. The Resurrection,  6. Eternal Judgment.

But 21st century Christians, with a background in the restoration movement would certainly have a different list of topics which are probably elementary to most of us. In reality, it is very likely that there are a number of different faith-based backgrounds in any one single congregation of 21st century Christians. This situation would demand we consider the purpose of God’s letter to the Hebrews to tell us why any Christian would need to go beyond elementary instructions. There are three phrases which point us to the purpose of maturity.

  1. The Message of Righteousness, Heb. 5:13.
  2. Better Things Relating to Salvation, Heb. 6:9.
  3. Eagerness for the Fulfillment of your Hope, Heb. 6:11 
  4. Emulating Persevering Saints to Inherit the Promises, Heb. 6:12.

Firstly, start by writing down some Bible topics which you feel like you are more than familiar with. What are they? If you are not sure about being familiar with any topics in the Bible, can you list subjects that you are troubled or confused about?

As a first principle, we can not ignore Paul’s passage about the gospel being a priority in 1st Corinthians 15:3-5. Do we look at the death, burial & resurrection of Christ as the gospel, and everything else as doctrine? Or, do we consider that there is a significant difference between certain letters and the four gospels? What is your understanding of the authoritative inspiration of the Scriptures? Remember the context of 2nd Timothy 3:16, to gain wisdom for salvation through your faith, grow in His grace & knowledge.

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