Praise is Born out of Fellowship (Acts 2:42-47)

Many Christians do not praise God, as they should, simply because they do not experience fellowship (sharing) with God and His people to the extent that God wants them to share, so they miss out on the beautiful power, love and unity that promotes praise. The first Christians were DEVOTED to fellowship. Being devoted (v42) to fellowship is seen in many ways, and the end-result is PRAISE. Christians shared in basically 5 different ways:(v42-46)

1, Apostolic teaching (Acts 14:22)

2, The Breaking of Bread (1st Cor. 11:20-26)

3, Prayer (Colossians 4:2)

4, Meals, (1st Corinthians 10:30-31)

5, Possessions & Goods (1st Timothy 6:18-19)

Praising (v47) God is what angels and shepherds did at the birth of Christ’s physical body, now it is what Christians do at the birth of his spiritual body, Lk. 2:13-20. 

How does the church today emulate this?

Jesus & his disciples used a hymn to sing to God, before Jesus gave his body as a sacrifice, Mt. 26:30. Do you know the significance & purpose of praise during solemn moments? Or is praising God only experienced when you are rejoicing?

The unity of Christ and his family/body, is seen by God, while in praise. It is not just a demonstration of unity, it is where unity is experienced. Read carefully Hebrews 2:11-12. Do you realize that the Spirit of Christ wants to praise The Father while his family is praising Him?

Another verse that proclaims the praise of Christ with his body on earth is found in Romans 15:8-9. The past tense and future tense of this passage points us to the reality of our unity in praise, lasting through millennia. Which will continue right on into eternity when Jesus comes again. Should we understand Ephesians 5:19 as…“Singing & Making Melody to the Lord with Your Heart”   or  “Singing & Making Melody with the Lord in Your Heart” ?

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