Psalm 100

v1, A joyful noise can not be noise, unless it has a level of decibels in sound which is more than just audible, it should be a considerable volume. Sadly, some Christians sing every song, like a funeral dirge that barely registers decibels. We should understand volume as a virtue in singing. Do not keep your gratitude in a corner, put it on the rooftop! When people praised Jesus (Luke 19:37) their praise was filled with noise because of the hope they had in Jesus. This would have been reminiscent of Psalm 47:1. While his people praised him, the earth had no need to rejoice with a noise, but Jesus reminded his enemies that if they didn’t praise Him, the very rocks would cry out, Luke 19:40, which is not a poetic reference to his creation, but rather a literal promise, because when Jesus was crucified while his disciples ran in silence, the resurrection did cause rocks to split and indeed noises were heard, Matthew 27:51.

v2, Singing as a service is serving with gladness. Psalm 22:3 tells us that our praise gives God’s rule a close proximity to our heart, that is, if your praise is truly coming from our heart and not just our vocal chords. Jesus himself rejoiced in the Spirit, Luke 10:21. If we are to follow him, how should we sing?

v3, We should want to acknowledge Jesus as God in this creation every day of the week, not just Sunday. To “Laud” his power in creation daily should never lead us to think we can live anyway we want and then go on Sunday to worship and turn it on, This creation we live in daily is his, and this should affect our daily praise, 1st Corinthians 6:19-20

v4, The gates and courts of God’s Temple, is only the introduction to the presence of his holiness. This is a significant and appropriate place for Jews to praise God with gratitude, BUT, we Christians are IN His Temple. According to the faith of the Hebrew Christian writer, when we gather on Sunday, where exactly are we? See Hebrews 12:22-23. Therefore we should always be looking for ways to express gratitude. We should be grateful to God for his Son, not for music itself. We should not love the music, but rather we should love God who gave us the music. Music can assist our heart to worship but music can not make a non-worshipping heart into a worshipping heart. Only God’s powerful love does that. We should not use music to manufacture our praise, we should use music to help us deliver praise.

v5,  Praise based upon knowing God is GOOD, LOVING and FAITHFUL is always helpful, no matter what day of the week it is sung on. Having experienced the goodness, love and faithful providence of God, is what is often a springboard of praise. He is Good because he never lies, Titus 1:2. He is Loving in what he has done and does today, His love is resilient, Psalm 118:1-4. God is faithful because he has always kept his promises, and will return in fulfillment of the only promise yet to be fully realized, Matthew 16:27

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