The Household (Pt. 13)

Here are points we tried to emphasize from each of the twelve discussions we had on the household of God in Christ. These virtues will help us be real friends in the church and attract worldly people to God’s friendship Family. Christ is our peace, Ephesians 2:14. 


Courage for Christ is what helps every family grow, John the Immersionist is an excellent example of evangelism, emphasizing repentance & baptism. Matthew 3:1-2

 Humbly sharing the gospel and showing the power and wisdom of Christ is what helps every family to grow. Mark’s gospel attracts others outside the family to become a member. Mark the gospel writer reminds us of the essential virtue of humility, Mark 16.

 Precision when sharing the gospel is what Luke’s gospel emphasizes concerning the Christ. As a doctor, Luke was able to tell us exactly who Jesus is. His letter of Acts is full of accuracy in describing how the Spirit of Christ worked to bring the church into the world.

 Righteous living defeats hypocrisy in our family, Zacharias & Elizabeth are supreme examples of practicing what we preach. Marriages that are built on teamwork, work! Luke 1:6

 Parenting skills which are built on honesty & love, give families the essential ingredients in providing the best education for children. Joseph & Mary excel as an example in what it means to grow in the grace & knowledge of Christ, as they raised the Christ! Every church family needs an emphasis on teaching children.

 Expressing our faith through opening up our homes and letting people see our personal lives, is what Mary, Martha & Lazarus do in the gospel narratives. Mary & her anointing, Martha & her dinners as well as Lazarus in his sickness & death, was used to exemplify the power of Christ’s resurrection! Every family needs members who are willing to express their faith in God in everyday common events where outsiders can see what is inside the family!

 Personal devotion in growing closer to Christ is a hallmark of spiritual maturity. Mary of Magdala is an excellent example of intimacy with Christ which every family needs. No matter what your background is, we are never so far from Christ that we can not be brought close to God. How personal are your prayers? How strong is your desire to be with Christ? This is what makes a Christian a disciple, devotion! John 20:1-18

 Public sacrifices in public have their place in every family. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus are both excellent examples of being essential to the public outreach of the church with the gospel. Making big sacrifices, not just a contribution, but sacrifice is what Christians should grow to perform, both personally and publically. Without the hypocritical fanfare of bringing attention to who exactly is giving how much! John 19:38-42

 Teamwork in evangelism by husbands & wives is shown clearly by Aquila, Priscilla & Apollos. Every church family needs a couple like this. Equality in Christ is a reality that the church as a whole should appreciate and use. Acts 18-19.

 Leadership in praise, prayer & everyday encouragement is essential for the daily life of the church. Barnabas & Silas are used to set this essential example for leadership in the church. If our leaders aren’t skilled in praise, prayer and encouragement, the rest of the family grows weak! Acts 14-16

Guarding the gifts, talents & truths of the church in individuals is paramount for cultivating leadership. Timothy & Titus teach us what our priorities should be as a family in both establishing and maintaining healthy leadership for the future of any church family. Titus 1:5 & 1st Timothy 6:20

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