Revelation 20

Every symbol in the visions from 4:1 and onwards, has a meaning. The symbols do not show John and is not written for the 7 churches for any kind of physically literal picture. Numbers & times, animals, beasts, monsters and even colors of the world, all have a meaning. The meaning gives us a message, and all the visions are part of a sum total message, one message. Christ wins and we are on His side!

“1000 Years Bound” v2, Satan is not allowed to use Rome to persecute the saints ANYMORE, meaning completeness, Psalm 50:10 & Duet. 7:9

“1000 Years Reigned” v4-6, Notice the past tense of the reign in v4 and the future tense in v6. This is not two different reigns, but rather it’s denoting two different sets of saints sharing in the same reign but under different oppressors which end up being defeated. Rome first and then future persecution till Jesus arrives again. The First Resurrection gives us a new life, wherein the old person that dies in baptism is dead during the 1000 year reign, but when the 2nd Resurrection occurs, we have a glorious life!

“Little Season of Satanic Freedom” v3-10, God makes clear; he has sealed and saved us right now under Rome and He will make our children (offspring of the woman, 12:17) victorious in the future. He will do it with all Christians throughout time. Ezekiel 1-24 shows the Jews in Jerusalem must fall, then Ezk. 25-32 has foreign nations falling, and in Ezk. 33, Jerusalem is smitten. In Ezk. 34-38, Jerusalem must be comforted. How can he comfort and strengthen them with real security and victory? He tells the now kingless Jews that he offers a restoration of the Kingdom under “David”, to the Jew without hope of ever regaining his national dignity, he offers just this: One nation under one King “David”. But a pessimist would say, “we had all that before with Egypt, Philistines, Assyrians and Babylonians, so what guarantee do we have of the future? So in Ezk. 38-39 the Jews are assured that a Messiah (Davidic Jesus) will reign against an army so huge coming from the four points of the compass relative to Jerusalem, that his children have no chance of winning, but God defeats them without his children having to fire a shot! So here is the place of the “little time/season” wherein the GOG & MAGOG host/battle takes place, v8. So the 1000 years of binding speaks of utter defeat of the present oppressor, but the “little season” speaks of the future temporary victory Satan has over the church until Jesus comes again in our future. Our present enemy may be huge (Eph. 6:12) but they will be defeated.

“Invasion of the Holy City” v9, Any future persecution coming upon the New Jerusalem as in the church or offspring of the woman today (ref; Rev. 12:17 & Heb. 12:22-23) will stand the force and win the fight by the blood of the Lamb.

“Second Resurrection” v12, Our victory sealed in the Judgment Day is real and in a sense is tasted after our second death into a grave with a funeral. We share in the same victory they experienced. Remember with God after the 2nd death there is no element of time, 2nd Peter 3:8.

“Throne” v11-13, What happens from before the Throne in God’s presence represents what is already taking place back in v4, but towards the unbelievers which didn’t take the church serious and get their names written in the book of life. They were too busy being deceived by the Devil.

“Lake of Fire” v14-15, showing us a complete and eternal limit to their potential leadership. Never again would the Devil be able to use a “beast” or “false prophet” in the way he used Rome. It is an opinion of many early church writers that the future of the church may hold persecution which Satan is behind, but it will not be as huge as what was happening during the first few centuries of the church’s history. Persecution and martyrdom is still real and just as painful as it’s ever been, but it will never be on the same scale as Satan used it within the Roman Empire! The “Second Death” v14, shows there is no literal first death, it is our spiritual death to our old person. The 2nd death would represent future pain and suffering or even martyrdom till Jesus comes again. They will be victorious in the Judgment to come, as well as those who are faithful today.

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