Revelation 18

“another Angel…great authority” v1, The defeat of Rome coming from God is repeated and initially announced in 14:8, here it is reiterated as in the past tense. “Nations…kings…merchants” v3 shows that the world may take no notice of Rome’s disintegration, because they are confident from it’s past, the wealth of her sensuality became her ruin. There is nothing in the Bible which prohibits God’s wrath from being shown before the day of Judgment when Jesus returns. God’s wrath was displayed in the absence of Christ against Rome, and Christ’s second coming and judgment was not brought about. So what will stop God’s wrath from being displayed again against any other nation that attempts to mimic Rome?

“Come Out of Her” v4, This is what God warned the captive Jews in Babylon, Jer. 51:5-10, 45. Jesus warned his followers in Jerusalem, Mat. 24:15-22 “to flee”, and now John warns the new church. Is there a lesson here for us? Persecution has always been a good advertisement for God’s Kingdom and results in growth. If we decide to grow silent and be a closet disciple when pressure mounts against the church, get ready to be swept away and suffer with the world in God’s judgment. It’s better to suffer as a Christian and reap a reward, than suffer as a coward and reap God’s judgment, Rev. 21:8. We are called to suffer for righteousness, therefore do not lie about your identity, your name is written in the Lambs book of Life, 1st Peter 3:9-17, 4:13-19.

“Pay Her Back” v6, Vengeance is mine says the Lord, and Rome’s death will be torturous, her burial will cause the world to weep and the saints will rejoice, this stark contrast in reactions throughout the civilized world may be one reason why God describes Rome’s destruction as swift, yet actually carries it out slowly. The Goths put the first scar on Rome in 269AD, and it’s final sack was in 410AD. The greatest Empire the world had ever known had it’s capitol destroyed in less than 140 years.

“In One Day”, v8, This anticipates complete change in the opposite direction. How could the richest ruling city in the world be turned into the poorest? The most painful way to do it, was the way God did it, slow & agonizing through the years, to this date, the glory of Rome is remembered but only it’s ruins are seen.

“The Fear of Her Torment”, v10-15, Merchants & Kings didn’t really love her, they cried and lamented as they left her because they just lost their ticket to riches. The hub of their power and access to an ally which led to money in the bank, was being ravaged and they started distancing themselves. The same kind of language used toward Tyre in their prosperity for themselves, instead of crediting God for their success, leads to ruin, see Ezekiel 27:1-13, 33-36, 28:1-19. Is the USA making the mistake of accrediting our self and our allies in making us rich and strong, or do we credit God for helping us? What is the real source of our riches? Remember our roots & resources!

“Will not be heard in you any longer” v21-24, The world governing city of Rome will not enjoy the Empire’s benefits from this day any longer. Their glory faded, the historian Gibbons writes concerning 253AD, “The Romans were irritated to a still higher degree when they learnt they had not secured a rest from attacks, even at the expense of their honor in losing over 70,000 soldiers to the Sassanids in Barbalissos of Armenia within the province of Mesopotamia. The dangerous secret of their wealth and weakness of the Empire had been revealed to the world, while new swarms of barbarians encouraged by their success kept attacking and not conceiving themselves (Romans) bound by the obligation of their allies, spread devastation through the provinces and terror as far as the gates of Rome itself”, Vol. 1, page 196. This chapter shouts at Christians today, “PATIENCE”!  Christians then and now can not afford to be short-sighted. Peter condemns it, 2nd Peter 1:8-9. Christians must be long-sighted, making our calling sure by holy living and receiving the Spirit’s patience and self-control, Gal. 5:22-23. The words, “ONE HOUR” are like a reference to time in other passages of the Revelation, noting a big change in events, not a 30 minute section of time (Rev. 8:1) Rome itself was turned into a burning warning to all nations and at all times, LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!

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