Revelation 1:1-11

Angels have a big role in Revelation, v1 & 10:1, 12:7. It is a large letter from God’s messenger for the churches (servants) then and now. They still serve us, Heb. 1:14, Mat. 18:10. Christ Jesus is both the origin and theme of all 22 chapters. The apostle John personally saw & wrote down the visions from an angel. The logistics of delivery are most likely the way in which Daniel’s encounter with angels & dreams revealed pictures to Nebuchadnezzar or his own, Daniel 2:28-29.

John’s beatitude in v3 is for anyone who hears and obeys what the Revelation teaches.  Happiness is the purpose of God in giving this to us, not fear. God is the God of all comfort, 2Cor. 1:3-7. The phrase “7 Spirits” in v4 shouldn’t confuse us because Christ’s presence is for each of the seven churches. Seven often signifies perfect completion, which is the kind of presence we need, He is omnipresent. Jesus is entitled Faithful Witness, Firstborn of the Dead, Ruler of earthly kings, The Alpha & Omega and The Almighty because his blood freed us and proved his love for us. He’s qualified to make us a Royal Priesthood (1st Peter 2:9) and he will come again to show the entirety of humanity, his victoriously scarred body resurrected and ruling. The effect of his coming will be mournful and will make every knee to bow and tongue to confess Him as Lord, Romans 14:11, Philippians 2:10 & Isaiah 45:22-25.  So we should confess him now before it is forever too late, Matthew 10:32. No one knows the day nor hour…

v9, In The Kingdom…On Patmos. Since Jesus is the Ruler of the kings of the Earth, we know that it doesn’t matter where we are or what circumstance we are in, He rules because of The Kingdom, see Colossians 1:13, 1st Peter 2:9.  Despite the pain John suffered he still believed Christ was ruling, this is possible for every Christian because we are all called to suffer, 1st Peter 3:9-17. By enduring in this faith, we are winning the war of overcoming evil with good and bringing the deceptive kingdom of Satan in the world to a downfall, it is a real ‘wrestling’ match, see Ephesians 6:12.

v10, In The Spirit on The Lord’s Day. Jesus was raised from the dead on the 1st day of the week (Mat. 28:1) and it became the day which superseded the 7th day of the week (Sabbath) for worship amongst God’s faithful children. Nehemiah 8:18 mentions an 8th day (Neh. 8:18), and it seems prophetic that it became the Lord’s Day, Sunday.  It is interesting to note that in the 1905 edition of Sgt. Burrell’s 1760 Diary of New England Shipping, the day is spelt with an “O”, not u.  The 2nd century writings (Didache 14:1 and Ignatius’ letter to the Magnesians 9:1) both use the term “Lord’s Day” for the 1st day of the week Christians worshiped on, as was instituted by the Apostles, Acts 20:7.   Are we living in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, or should we make preparations to make an encounter? See Jude v20, Eph. 6:18 and Philippians 3:3.

v11, The Seven Churches. Each one of the cities lay on the same road and in the order they are written, in Asia Minor. Proving that God knows our exact location when living in The Spirit. Our position in Christ guarantees our spiritual safety no matter how dangerous being a Christian is. John would send them what he wrote from a trumpet sounding voice and several symbolic visions. It was written while John was in the Spirit and it should be read as we are in The Spirit, 1st Cor. 2:12-15. How much do we value the presence of His Spirit in our life as we face temptation & trials?

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