Christ & Adam

In this old creation, we call the cosmos, God made Adam as the first in humanity. Now, humanity has seen a new creation. His name is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the reality of what God’s image really is. Adam was only a shadow of His image, he was given a soul when God breathed life into him and placed him in the garden of Eden. The first Adam brought death to humanity, the second ‘Adam’ brings life to this day, 1st Corinthians 15:23. Jesus is the unique Son of God, in the sense that He perfectly revealed God to us, and was ushered into this world without the aid of any man, God’s Holy Spirit created His unique Son in the womb of a virgin. Mary is blessed above all women to have the strength to submit in this work of God. Christ is entitled The Son of God in becoming flesh from the Word of God in the beginning of our universe, John 1:1-14. The Word of God before we existed was actually God Himself before Adam was created, and at that time Adam was a shadow of a ‘son of God’, as Luke 3:38 describes him. Adam enjoys the privileged position of being the progenitor of the human race which God uses to bring in His perfect and unique Son. Everyone in Jesus Christ, spiritually, is an adopted son or daughter of God, Romans 8:15. It is interesting to note how Adam is described in Genesis 1:26-3:19, as a ruler and head of humanity, as he is given dominion, while at the same time, it was planned before the foundation of the world, that God would bring Jesus into the world and establish dominion in a spiritual Kingdom in this world, Matthew 1:16-17. The Apostle Paul actually entitles Jesus as a very real King in 1st Timothy 6:14-15. His domain in His dominion still reigns to this day in the hearts of men & women by the millions, and is growing! You can see Jesus as the Head of the church in Colossians 1:18 and the head of his new creation in Romans 5:12-24, what a wonderful ruling Savior we have! The consequences of death which Adam brought to us, is in stark contrast to the consequences of life Jesus brings us, Genesis 3:16-19, and we see this explained so clearly in 1st Corinthians 15:20-49. Such an opposite negative act of Adam was committed in joining with his wife to rebel against God’s word, and eat the forbidden fruit, Genesis 3:6, yet, here we have Christ, joining with us, the bride of Christ as the church, to one day eat the fruit of the tree of life, Revelation 19:7-9, 22:1-2. Back in ancient days when Adam & Eve felt death approaching in their guilt & shame, God arrived and covered their nakedness with an animal’s skin, requiring it’s sacrifice, Genesis 3:21. We know Jesus is the Lamb of God, which was mocked, stripped, counted as a transgressor and slaughtered for our sins, Matthew 27:27-35. Never forget how God loves us, in providing a way to have our guilty sins covered up and washed away by blood & water, 1st Peter 3:21. The effect Adam had on his children’s fellowship with God was isolation & distance, instead of a loving care for each other. Humanity’s experience became full of hate & violence. Cain killed Abel and society grew so bad, God had to bring the flood in Noah’s day. However, in Christ, the effect on His siblings is redemptive and causes us to experience true life, an intimate, personal & public relationship with God. Humanity’s experience can be full of love & life, when we set our heart’s desires on the reality of how much greater Christ is, than Adam. Praise Him for ever!

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