10 Beatitudes in Matthew

Blessed are…
…the Poor in Spirit, to possess the Kingdom of Christ 5:3
…those that Mourn, to receive the comfort of Christ 5:4
…the Meek, to inherit creation in Christ 5:5
…the Hungry & Thirsting, to be filled with Christ’s righteousness 5:6
…the Merciful, to be forgiven by Christ 5:7
…the Pure in Heart, to fully know God in Christ 5:8
…the Peacemakers, to be known by others as God’s child in Christ 5:9
…the Persecuted & Mocked for Christ, to prove our discipleship 5:10-11
…those not Offended at Christ, to persevere with Him through trials. 11:6
…the Alert & Faithful ‘doers’, to have Christ’s Reign Now. 24:46-47

To be Blessed is to experience a happiness that is always accessible in prayer & never fades with time, it is a joy that exceeds laughter by a mile, yet seats itself deep in our heart to be fed and seldom seen by the world but can always be felt by the Christian & Christ’s Spirit. The fruit of God’s Spirit in the Christian is “Love, Joy…” & much more (Galatians 5:22) Let it grow and share it with anyone outside of Christ. Blessed was Paul & Silas, chained in a jail cell, singing! (Acts 16:25) When we are tempted & tried, do we pray and sing? Where is our ‘BE ATTITUDE’?

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