The Last Words of Passion

When Christ drew from his last ounces of strength, it was to speak the truth for us, before His Father, not before His enemies. God enthroned on high was abhorred at sin being used to torture His Son to death and it is recorded that there was “….Darkness over the whole land…” Luke 23:44.
Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? Matthew 27:46 & Psalm 22:1. Feeling forsaken, yet still being God is a perplexing idea for every mortal. But Jesus was not just mortal, he knows better than all of us, what deep mixed emotions are. His despairing loneliness was triggered by the 3 hours of darkness which surprised everyone. No astrologer predicted this phenomena and the documented letter between Thallus and his readers, from 50-160AD, in Egypt to Italy is evidence of this miracle of darkness. People witnessed the impossible, because the Passover is always during a full moon, making it impossible for an eclipse. The darkness was miraculous and Jesus understood it as being His Father’s absence, because God is light, 1st Jn. 1:5, when He withdraws, we are left with TOTAL darkness. The last time the world felt this was in Egypt, when He was demonstrating His power over evil Pharaoh. Even though the world at times can be very dark and our lives can be full of evil, never forget that when God made it dark in Egypt, the Israelites still had a little light for 3 days.
I Thirst ! Jn. 19:28. This is said as He was dying, not before He was actually crucified, (Mt. 27:34). Before He was crucified he refused vinegar, when he tasted that gall (a natural anesthetic ) was in it. But before He dies His mental faculties are quickly coming to an end. His humanity is raw and his thirst is uncontrollable. Dehydration from his scourging and beating the night before is now taking full affect. Spiritually, there is now no more for Jesus to give humanity, at one time, Jesus could proclaim in the Temple courtyard, “If anyone thirsts, Let him come to me and drink freely” but for now this is impossible, He has done all He can for us. Jn. 7:37-38, 4:12-14, 6:35. Jesus re-affirms His claim to quench our thirst today in Revelation 7:16-17 & 21:6. The resurrection enables Jesus to keep all his promises.
Father, into your hands I entrust My spirit. Luke 23:46 & Psalm 31:5. Jesus was an example to every one till the very end. What have we entrusted to God? Jesus entrusted his body, soul, spirit and mind, this is the epitomy of loving God with your everything, Remember His teaching on the Shema, Mk. 12:30 & Lk. 10:27. If we love Him, we will entrust everything to Him so that we can obey Him, John 14:15. If we don’t trust someone, we will not obey them. Whatever has been entrusted to us from God, is only accomplished in our life, if we believe God is able to guard it all our life, 2nd Tim. 1:11-12
It Is Finished ! John 19:30. Even in his death, He exhibited control. “He gave up His Spirit”, no one took it from Him when they wanted to, John 10:18 states that He will lay his life down, this means that He will not die when others want to kill him, but only when He has suffered enough, He was in control of the timing. Not even the soldiers could take it from Him with a spear. He should be in control of our daily life. When His Spirit left this earth, He left to tear the Temple Veil from top to bottom for every Priest to know that now, the holiness of God was accessible to all Priests, and that Jesus in God’s view was now the High Priest, Mk. 15:37-38. His job of Redeemer was finished, now He is beginning the job of intercession for everyone that accepts the price of His life-giving blood. Hebrews 9:7-12.

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