The Source of Christ’s Passion

What was the source of the passion of Christ? (Ac. 1:3) It was his intense love for our relationship to be alive with God. The love of Jesus resulted in his extreme commitment to walk a very narrow path to redeem humanity. For the sake of restoring us to fellowship with God, he made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant by being made in human likeness (Php. 2:6-7). His passionate love caused him to leave the glory of heaven and live an obedient life of self-sacrifice required by the holiness of God. Only such a sacrificial life could produce the pure and innocent blood sacrifice, required to cover the sins of those who put their faith in him (Jn. 3:16-17; Eph. 1:7). The passion of Christ was energized by the power of God. Jesus worked many phenomenal miracles through the power of God. Even when he was handed over to the mob led by Judas, he spoke and they fell backwards onto the ground (Jn 18:6). Jesus was always in control of his life. He said that more than twelve legions, or as many as sixty thousand angels, would respond to his commands (Mt. 26:53). Jesus was not just a good man who fell victim to evil circumstances. On the contrary, he predicted the manner of his death, the time and place chosen by the Father (Mt. 26:2). Jesus was not a powerless victim. He grappled & took death on, so that He could accomplish our redemption. Then He rose from the dead in power and majesty!

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