10 Commonsense Commandments for Prayer

1. Pray honestly, God knows when we are pretending before we do.
2. We should never give up on prayer, because God never gives up on us.
3. God’s answers to our prayers are always right because his righteousness is eternal.
4. Don’t try to impress God with a college degree vocabulary, He is smarter than that.
5. The love of God is the only reason we should pray for our enemies.
6. If we don’t believe in what we are praying about, How will God trust us with the answer?
7. Don’t argue with God, we can’t fight Him, our arms are too short and our words are too finite in the ears of an infinite God.
8. If we are feeling real pious and try to spend all night in prayer like Jesus, keep it silent so everyone else can sleep, please! The longest recorded prayer in the Bible is a 5 minute reading anyway. (John 17)
9. When we pray for our Nation’s Government, remember, God gave them the power they have before we even voted.
10. If we are hurting & really get angry in prayer, remember even the Psalmist ‘vented’, but be careful before you ‘lose it’, His wrath is bigger than ours and His love is beyond any earthly understanding.

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