What Do We Believe?

73 years ago, Mr. Orson Welles sent thousands of Americans on a panic attack with a story on the radio. “War of the Worlds” was narrated by Orson from a book written by H.G. Wells. The story is still popular, a movie was made with Tom Cruise in it a few years ago and I enjoy the DVD. Stories have a lot of power on us. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, stories can teach & influence us for a lifetime. The re-telling of a story, like Orson did, had a big impact on the public. He became famous for the national incident, scaring people into thinking we were being attacked by aliens from outer space. Have you ever told a story? The truth is this. Your life is telling a story to someone right now, maybe many people, or just one person is listening. Even if you feel lonely and like no one is paying any attention, God knows your story. He loves you and will never ignore you, prayer is important. Orson was once asked about his faith, and he said, “I try to be a Christian, but I don’t pray because I don’t want to bore God”. That is an amazing quote from such a good story teller. Sadly, Orson never learned how much God wanted to listen to him, the devil tricked Orson into thinking his life story was only interesting to humans. Don’t let the devil trick you, God says, “Never Stop Praying…for this is God’s will for you”. God says that your angel can see His face. Do you believe His story? Read Matthew 18:10 & 1st Thessalonians 5:17-18.

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