Power !

We use power to get different jobs done, and without energy, we
are in a world of hurt. We pay lots of money for our electricity and
gas, but what do we pay for the power to do the job God wants us to
do? Have you ever thought of how much it costs to get God’s job
done? Power is important, and the spiritual task of spreading the
word of God to the lost world around us is expensive. God
addresses this problem of the cost of power by teaching us in the
Bible, how we should treat the money He allows us to make. Read
1st Corinthians 16: 1-2. This addresses the physical price we pay to
do God’s work physically, like buying Bibles and paying for gas to
distribute lessons, and paying for electricity to offer preaching in a
chapel. But do we think about the power to do the spiritual jobs God
wants us to do? What about the power to make the right choice?
What about the power to follow through on the right choice? What
about the power to learn how to make the right choice or what
the right choice really is? I don’t know about you, but this seems to
be the hardest for me. Where do we get the power to do what is
right? The answer is in God’s word. The Spirit of Christ is our
teacher and can convict us of sin, righteousness and judgment, see
John 16:8. His presence is powerful and his wisdom is enlightening.
Let Him pour His love into your heart and prayerfully ask Him for
the power to do what is right. Don’t be fooled into thinking that physical
power is more desirable and greater than spiritual power, like love, forgiveness and the power to humbly submit your desires to obey God. It is more glorious to empower a sinner to change into a saint, than it is to make a lame man walk or a blind person see. It takes more power to create a new person than it does to fix a person’s limb. God has this power and the good news is this: It is freely offered to you in Jesus Christ. Enter into His abundant life. Read Romans 6:1-7 to learn more about this great and powerful place!

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