Happy Birthday Louise?

Today, Louise Joy Brown is 32. The origin of life for Louise is a milestone marker in medical history. She was concieved in a glass tube, and is the first successful IVF baby. Medical science has come a very long way since 1978, now many scientists actualy believe we have incapsulated and defined the origin of life in listing the entire human genome. Genetical Engineering is the next huge development in making our species stronger. But have we really improved? Are we winning the battle? In 2009 we broke the record for treating HIV with new medicine by dosing over 5.2 million people. But now in 2010, full blown AIDS from HIV is risen by 2.9%. What is going on? This is what is happening. Yes we are getting smarter, but knowledge does
indeed “puff up” as the Apostle Paul instructs in 1st Cor. 8:1. Worldly people are quick to replace God with their own knowledge and tend to neglect giving God any recognition for our advancements. So the smarter we get in solving our own problems, who needs God? Louise Brown needs God just as much as the scientists who helped her parents concieve. Every person with HIV needs God just as much as you and me. The conclusion? Being smarter doesn’t make us better, but if we glorify God, it certainly makes us happier. “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice”…, for He has blessed us & Louise !

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