Introducing God’s Strongman !

His introduction as a Judge is similiar to Samuel. His birth was announced by an angel, Judges 13:3. But Samuel’s birth was ushered in with God’s answer to Hannah’s prayer, 1st Sam.1:20, 2:21. Whenever this happens, be it with Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Hannah, Mary or Elizabeth, there is a common theme between them all. A holy child is produced from God’s strength. Luke 1:35, Romans 15:13, 1st Thessalonians 1:5, Revelation 20:6. With holiness, comes power, that is strength to do what God wants us to do, rather than our own self interests.

What is the purpose of a Nazarite vow? Numbers 6:3,21.  It is a way of showing our separation, or consecration for the holiness that God gives to a person’s heart.

Could the diet of Manoah’s wife, as preparation for conception, be evidence for the anti-abortion cause? Why couldn’t baby Samson start the vow as a boy, before he became a man? Why begin the vow in the womb? Jer.1:4-5. How did Samson begin and end his life?

The Angel of the Lord appeared as a man to Manoah’s wife, but had glory which made her feel in awe of his presence. Judges 13:6

Gen. 31:11-13 shows us the true identity of the Angel of the Lord, see also Gen. 32:24-30. When he appeared the second time, his name is called, “WONDERFUL”, Judges 13:18. How can you see a person’s name?  This must be a reference to the Messiah in Isaiah 9:6.

The story of Samson is the longest of the Judges, except for Samuel, who is also called a Judge. 1st Sam. 7:15

Every parent should ask God the same question Manoah asks, see Judges 12:13. What is our rule/standard of life?

What happened when Manoah sacrificed the goat & grain on the rock?

The story of Samson’s parents is the foundation for his success as a Deliverer. God works through prayer. If we want our lives to be powerful, what must we have? If we want our community/society or nation to be godly, what must parents be doing?

Without holiness we will not see God, Hebrews 12:14.

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