At What Price?

Today, 7 crewmembers of the space shuttle Challenger exploded just after takeoff 23 years ago. Why? Because they had a job which demanded a risk filled adventure. A job which was glorious and beneficial for so many people in the future.  But at what price? The ultimate price was paid, they left their families and this earth forever, to help our education and field of science and to promote industry and our governments expectations. What kind of job do you have? If you are a Christian, you have a job with eternal consequences, a job full of adventure in the will and wisdom of God. From day to day, there are ways you can glorify Him and do His will. Those Christian tasks, attitudes and acts of service may seem menial to you, and no one may ever give you credit for them, but they are all known by Jesus and our Heavenly Father. Jesus said that if you give as much as a cup of cold water to one of His children in need, it is as if you gave it to The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, (Read Matthew 25:34-40). He knows the price you are paying for being a Christian. Is it a high price? Is the price you pay for being a Christian of great value? What price would you put on your discipleship? Jesus put the price of his own blood on your life, don’t waste it. Use everyday of your life as a way of serving Jesus Himself, even if the people closest to you couldn’t care less. Why? Because Jesus cares infintely. Christian’s are  going to be remembered in more glorious ways than NASA’s 7 crewmembers ever dreamed of being remembered. Then again, who knows? Were any of the crewmembers lost 23 years ago, actually Christians? How sure would your friends be of your discipleship to Christ, if you died tomorrow?

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