Jesus The Lamb Of God

Key Text: Revelation 5:1 – 6:1 

His cousin John making the prophetic announcement is seen by his apostle John as fulfilled. A lamb slaughtered is what the apostle sees for all of us, needing to remember how and why we win in Jesus Christ. Isa. 53:7 & Acts 8:32 are stark reminders that the plan God had in mind, was fully executed for us, not Himself,  1st Pet. 1:20. There is no glory in a slaughtered lamb. Perhaps the reason Jesus is seen as a lamb, and not his crucified body, is that it represents his accomplished High Priesthood. This ugly sight is always reminding us of how well he qualifies as our empathizing intercessor for our sinfulness in a sacrifice, which has always been a substitution for us.

 John was banished to Patmos as an isolated prisoner. When no one is found worthy to take and open the scroll, he obviously feels hopeless despair and cries loudly, expressing his anxiety for the future. Even God the Father seems to be searching for help here, to open it and even John dare not attempt to take it, and neither can even the strongest angel of Heaven. All of God’s plans and the churches future needs opened, so suffering saints can be given hope and security of victory. Then appears the Lamb! The Lamb taking the scroll from the Father, was a sure indication that our future is in His hands. The Father on the Throne and the Son in the Lamb are equals in worthiness, but different in the accomplishment of our salvation.

 Horns are an obvious symbol of power, with 7 of them, reflecting perfect power. The Lamb with 7 eyes, is an obvious symbol of God’s omniscience in His Son. Of course the seven spirits before the Throne in Rv. 1:4, are now in the Lamb, being sent forth. There is no other name on earth by which humanity can be saved, and it is Christ’s Spirit that does the saving, Acts 4:12. God does not have 7 Spirits; it is simply a number that represents a truth, being perfection, or perfect salvation & knowledge. All numbers in the Revelation need to be treated as symbolic, and not literal.



“He has prevailed to open the scroll”, v5. Conquering Sin, Eph. 1:7.   Conquering Death, all Rules and Powers, 1Cor. 15:24-26.  Conquering an evil World, Jn. 16:33.  Conquering Satan, Jn. 12:31.  Conquering Hell, Rev. 1:8.

 Believers WILL stand in the presence of The Lamb of God, 7:9

Believers WILL sing the song of the Lamb, 15:3

Believers WILL worship in the Lamb as the Temple, 21:22

4 Living Creatures, 24 Elders, Angels & the whole universe will worship the Lamb, 8-14.

 This Lamb is seen as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and Root of David, which means his looks may be weak & ugly, but his origin, character, ability and position are POWERFUL as a Lion.  PROPHESIED from Gen. 49:9-10.  PURE as a Lamb worthy enough for God Himself to offer for the sacrifice of our sins.

 The phrase, “root of David”, is from Isa. 11:1, and is possibly the only reference to Jesus being a Nazarene, as taught in Mt.2:23. The word has it’s origin in the word root or branch, depending on which version you read.

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