His & Our Resurrection

Key Text: 1st Corinthians 15:50-58

It seems the point of Paul’s description of our resurrection is to give us an assurance that all we do in this body is not in vain, v58. Life, rewards and power belong to everyone inside Christ Jesus for eternity because of the resurrection.

The superiority of Jesus as the resurrection is stated by Paul in Colossians 1:16-18.  The resurrection of Jesus himself has a unique quality because of his own power to perform the resurrection.  No one raised Jesus from the dead, he raised himself, we see this claim in the fact of the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:8-11), not allowing His body to be bound to hades or death itself, Acts 2:22-33.  It is stated at least twice that God the Father raised Jesus, but as Jesus often claimed to be one with the Father, we can easily accept that the “Godhead”  (Romans 1:20), was at work on His body for that victorious event of life after death.  The Biblical account of the resurrection can in no way be understood to be solely spiritual, but rather, as Scripture points out, it is both physical & spiritual.  Every person that has ever lived & died on this earth will experience this phenomena, John 5:28-29.  Do you believe in Him and His power? The apostle Paul did, Acts 24:15, and he wanted LIFE eternal from the Just One.

All the other resurrections recorded in the Bible have lessons for us.  We need to learn about them in order to help our faith grow in the power of God on our own soul & body.  This kind of faith, led Abraham to be blessed with God imputing His own righteousness upon him and confirming the promise of blessings from God to be fulfilled upon Abraham because he obeyed God’s voice.  Genesis 22:1-18.  Do you believe in Him and His power as Abraham did?  See Galatians 3:26-29. 

A.   Son of the widow of Zarephath, 1Kings 17:22 

B.  Son of the Shunammite, 2nd Kings 4:35 

C.  Dead man restored to life at the touch of Elisha’s bones, 2nd Kings 13:21 

D.  Jairus’ daughter, Matthew 9:25 

E.  Son of the widow of Nain, Luke 7:15 

F.   Lazarus of Bethany, John 11:44 

G. Saints at the time of the crucifixion, Matthew 27:52,  Mark 5:42 

H. Dorcas, Acts 9:40 

I.   Eutychus,  Acts 20:9-12

J. Every Single Faithful Child of God !  Romans 6:1-8, John 11:25. 

The very purpose of God’s Spirit living in us is revealed in 2Corinthians 5:1-8, it explains the promised gift of our resurrection unto life.   Herein is found the famous saying, “walk by faith”, but what is He asking us to walk believing in?  The Resurrection!   

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