The Anointed

The word Anointed means, uniquely appointed by God to rule. It is sometimes refers to a royal rule, sometimes a priestly rule, but basically it points to godly ‘speciality’. In the New Testament it is often translated Christ. Christians are members of the body of Christ, see Romans 12:5.  We are called Christians, a name which began in Antioch of Syria, not Jerusalem of Israel, see Acts 11:26.

Jesus was anointed by three different women in 3 different places.

In Lk. 7:11-50, by a woman who was a sinner of the city, near Nain in Galilee.

In Jn. 12:1-8, by Mary the sister of Lazarus near Bethany in Mary & Martha’s house.

In Matthew 26:6-16 & Mark 14:1-9 by an unknown woman in Bethany at Simon the Leper’s house. Women then and now, seem (in general) to have a talent for perceiving inner character. When Jesus walked the earth, women were the ones which saw His inner identity most clearly. it was the Apostles (men) who were still asking teh dumb questinos about, “when the restoration of Israel would take place”, Acts 1:6. Even after Peter & Thomas declared Jesus as the Christ and Son of God, they still didn’t understand the Anointed Kingship of Jesus.  Later Jews asked Him if he was the Christ and Jesus agreed, Mt. 26:62-64.  Pilate then asked Jesus if he was a King and Jesus agreed, Lk. 23:3.  On the cross the thief proclaimed the coming of Christ’s Kingdom and Jesus agreed, pronouncing, “TODAY you will be with me”, not tomorrow or centuries from then or now, Lk. 23:42-43.

John introduces Jesus to the 7 churches of Asia as the RULER of the kings of the earth, Rev. 1:5-6. The old King James version wrongly uses the word, “prince” of kings, because it often loves the Latin (princeps regum terrae) moreso than the Greek, which literally means “First Chief”. This agrees with the title twice given to Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords, Rev. 17:14 & 19:16. How was Jesus seen by God to be the anointed King of Israel?  By people like the women who sacrified their own reputation and possessions to show Jesus as divinely royal.

Do not forget what was written above His cross. “The King of the Jews”, Mt. 27:37, Mk. 15:26, Lk. 23:38 & Jn. 19:19. Paul later proclaimed that Christians are the true circumcision (Jews), see Php 3:3. John says we have an “anointing”, 1st John 2:20. These truths help us endure problems in our life and faith, seeing God making us special in Christ.

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