Job 4 & 6

Perhaps we are closer to God and growing in Him best, when we are wrestling with Him, rather than merely mouthing pious prayers of thanksgiving for blessings? Remember Jacob turning into Israel while wrestling with God’s angel, Gen. 32:24-32. We must endure for the blessings to come, they are worth it. Paul lived this principle in his daily life victoriously, 2nd Cor. 11:30-31 & 12:9-10.

 Job and his friends were wrong in trying to explain everything about God, they seemed to have a defiant attitude to go one on one with God and find justification for all the suffering Job had to endure. What is wrong with this? Nothing really, but when we assume we have the RIGHT to question God, we become like children arguing in a sandbox, in comparison to the wisdom & mysterious judgments of God, never forget Romans 11:33 & Job 16:2.

Whatever the answer is to our trials, it lay in making the right choice by trusting God to get us through them. Most of the suffering Christians must experience in their life is not due to our own personal sins, but rather the reason for most of our suffering is because of the fact that we live in a sinful world. Will we choose to glorify God or reject His help? Jesus recognizes this dilemma when he dealt mercifully with the man born blind, recorded in John 9:1-3, 44.  Worshiping God in any circumstance is worthwhile, it is our job, no matter what happens, to give God thanks for something, even in the worst of trials.

The friends of Job only had an intellectual relationship with God. This is not helpful. Eliphaz’s experience was a reality for him, but it was not God’s wisdom. The power of God needs to be searched for in our heart thorugh God’s promising word. The reason Job survived such criticism from his so-called friends, is because Job’s heart persevered in his search to know God, instead of just knowing about God, therein lay God’s strength for Job, 4:2-3.  Eliphaz the Temanite criticized Job because Eliphaz didn’t know God personally. Job 4:6 shows Eliphaz’s ignorance in thinking that a person’s own confidence, integrity and respect would be power for a person in pain. Eliphaz believed a lie and Job would not fall for it.

Job felt like God had shot poisenous arrows through him, Job 6:2-4.  He didn’t know that his pain was actually Satan’s arrows. Job, like ourselves must come to terms with God’s allowance and permission for Satan to test us. Why? So that our faith in God can grow and be stronger for other people to learn from in overcoming sin. Job’s laments are acceptable. Job admits his words are rash, but this is expected because God made us this way. Donkey’s bray when hungry and oxen lo when out of food, and humanity cries out to God when we are dealt unfair blows. The answer to suffering truly is a fellowship with Jesus becaue it is by Christ’s stripes we are healed, 1st Peter 2:24, we must remember that the Spirit of Christ actually wants to suffer with us in oru trials, Colossians 1:24. There are many things in Job’s life that make us feel sorry for him, his loss of his children, property and his painful boils and even an angry wife on top of it all. But what truly is worse that all of this, is the realization that Job did not have a sympathing mediator between him and God. Our advantage in suffering as a Christian is the fact that we have Jesus, who gives us the victory over this sinful sufferable life. Our grave does not win, death itself has no sting. Praise God for our mediator and sympathizing High Priest Jesus Christ.

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