His First Miracle

Key Text: Jn. 2:1-12

The last time God showed power over the world was through Daniel in the lion’s den, appx. 580 years before Jesus went to a wedding, Dan. 5:25, Jn. 2:7-11. With Daniel, God had saved the truth of prophecy from the jaws of lions, but with Jesus, God was fulfilling prophecy in the face of Satan as a roaring lion. If the people with Jesus had an open heart, this act of turning water into wine, would indeed give faith in the truth of exactly who Jesus was! The agent of universal change, from overcoming evil with good.

Notice the first sign signaling his Messiahship was perfect in making the best wine, no practice was needed. Jn.10:10 reminds us that he came so that we can have real life with him. 1st Pt. 3:10-12 points us to a better life. Repentance is what this first miracle taught. His disciples learnt that when your out of anything good, God takes your weakest effort and transforms it into something wonderful and eternal.

Mary said it all in verse 5. It is important to note that Jesus did not insult his mother by calling her “woman”, the term was then a term of respect, the NIV is wrong to insert ‘dear’ and make it sound like a term of endearment. He uses it in Jn. 4:21 & 8:10. Jesus uses it like we would use “lady”, the NEB uses “mother”.

Notice Jesus didn’t ask his disciples to manage the waterpots, but he employed the servants, this shows it’s wise to try and involve outsiders in what Jesus is doing with our lives, if we want to be like him. It gives others the opportunity to see God’s work through the Christian, Jn. 2:7-10. Jesus is in control of our world and can take care of any of our problems. As long as you are like the servants and do as he does and think as he thinks, you win with him! This is the kind of Messiah he was, is and always will be, our Christ is The Servant, remember Jn 13:1-14, where Jesus is the foot-washer. Remember even our physical bodies will be changed by him. ICor. 15:27-58.

Good wine, “oinos”, Jn. 2:10, was typically just fresh juice. This shows that what he made was not encouraging drunkenness, but was encouraging life. Even the MC of the banquet knew it was non-alcoholic, being the best fresh wine which was traditionally laid out at the beginning of banquets, then when everyone had their fill, at the end, perhaps traditionally, the older possibly fermented wine was brought out, “gleukos” or new wine, Ac. 2:13. This was boiled grape juice, when fresh was non-alcoholic, but when left for awhile, or when put under pressure, would easily ferment with alcohol.

Jesus was good at making the most of every opportunity and his time was always used wisely and he did it in a BIG way. Jn 2:6 has “firkin” (KJV), or metretes in Greek, in English it should be a 9 gallon unit of liquid measurement called a ‘firkin’. There were six of these pots which held 2 or 3 firkins. That equals a total of appx. 135-150 gallons of water turning into juice instantly! It is ridiculous to speculate that Jesus would have made that much alcoholic beverage, especially towards the end of the feast as is implied, it would only encourage abuse.

John recorded this miracle to increase our faith, Jn. 20:30-31. Is our faith strong enough to do whatever he says to do? What about Mt. 28:18-20? Can you go? Can you make disciples? Can you baptise? Can you teach them to observe all things? Whether it is “Going”, “Teaching”, or “Baptising”. There is something you can do for Jesus. Just do it in faith ! In going, we need support to transport the messenger. In teaching we need research and resources to present the message. In baptizing we need mature Christians to encourage the new Christian. Where do you fit in?

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