His Baptism

Key Text: Mat. 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 3:21-22

When Jesus was going to the Jordan river with John’s baptism in mind, he was responding to a divine appointment. Every human being should hear this calling, it is good news. John revealed it to everyone he could and Jesus reverberated the same call, John 3:22-24 & 4:1-2. His apostles echo it today, Matthew 28:28-29. The reason Jesus Himself refrained from baptizing people, but encouraged his apostles to baptize is because He did not us boasting in WHO baptized us, but rather we should boast in WHY we are baptized. Paul anticipated this problem in 1Corinthians 1:11-15. 

The purpose of Baptism for Jesus, is different, but not the act itself in obedience. His purpose was “becoming to fulfill all righteousness” and be identified with the Holy Spirit Mt. 3:15-16.

The voice made everyone aware that God was pleased with Jesus, therefore putting him into service.  See Isa. 53:11; Mark 10:38; Luke 12:50. Jesus said he was to be about his Fathers house or business, when John the Immersionist started preaching the Kingdom was at hand, Jesus went straight to the  initiatory rite of baptism in order to fulfil all righteousness. Mt 3:1‑2. 

Notice how John’s administration of Baptism had no connection or link to the Holy Spirit of Christ for his disciples, Acts 19:2-4, but for Jesus it was the defining mark and official declaration of His Divine Sonship in the Trinity.  

The purpose of baptism for us, is to receive forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38-39, 22:16. Children of God have put on Christ  in baptism, Gal 3:26‑27, which is our identity.  Having God’s Spirit in us, puts us  in service to love one another, ICor. 6:19‑20, which is our responsibility. People fearing God and doing what is right makes OUR SOUL acceptable to God, Acts 10:34‑35. God’s righteousness makes our SOUL, eminent, distinguished, proper, becoming or fitting, not  necessarily in the eyes of man, but certainly in the eyes of God.  For the Bereans,  THEIR MIND was more noble for searching the Scriptures, Acts 17:11.

God’s approval by the voice & dove. When this is done, God speaks and acts as prophesied in Psa. 2:7 & Isa. 42:1.   

The Voice: This is my beloved son, today I’ve begotten you, Ps 2:7, showing that announcement to be a beginning of service.  Note, “agapetos” means Beloved,   Three times in the Gospels the Father’s voice is heard by those who had ears to hear (at the Baptism, at the Transfiguration, and before the Crucifixion week (Mat 3:17 & 17:5 & John 12:28)

The Dove: Behold, my servant, who I uphold, my chosen one, who my soul delights, I’ve put my Spirit upon Him, Isa. 42:1. This shows the Son to be serving from  this act onwards.  In “My soul delights”,  Eudokhsa, means “delights” – it is in the aorist tense, conveying to us that  God has constantly found delight in the Son from  eternity. He is  the Son of God, God’s own proper Son, not by creation, nor  by  adoption, nor by office; He is the natural, essential, only-begotten Son of God, note that we have the Trinity of God mentioned in Mat 3:16-17. Jesus refers to His own place in the Trinity when He quotes David from Psalm 110:1-4 in Matthew 22:42-45.

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